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star killer marijuana seeds

Star Killer is a combination of two very potent and legendary strains. It has a heavy effect that will take you down in minutes. Leave the regular strain to expert growers because it’s quite a handful to cultivate, but a feminized version may be easier to grow as long as you provide all its growing needs.

Star Killer is a cross between two out of this world strains, namely Mazar and Blueberry. This Indica heavy strain is universally loved by many for its heavy-hitting effects and therapeutic benefits. Growing this strain is a bit difficult; however, this feminized version makes it a tad bit easier for beginners and experienced growers to cultivate this strain. It is advised to have this weed bred outdoors where it can prosper and flourish.

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An Indica-Heavy Strain From A Galaxy Far Far Away

The earthy citrus aroma of this strain gives it a jolt of flavor that tokers love the most. This Indica leaning strain has hard-hitting effects with its estimated 29% THC content. Beginners are warned to take this weed seriously as it can have adverse effects. The real kick to this strain is its blissful relaxation that starts mildly and intensifies as you go. Its anti-inflammatory qualities also help with long-term pain. Other medical benefits include relief from stress and depression.

Star Killer marijuana is a force to be reckoned with – the indica-dominant strain packs a potent THC punch that will take you to next levels of relaxation.

Star Killer marijuana may have derived its name from its parents, but it is a strain that delivers a “killer” high. The THC content can reach upwards of 29%, solidifying its spot among the strongest in the world. Starting off with a buzzing in the head that can develop into blissful euphoria, Star Killer marijuana’s sedative effects creep down through your limbs for a physical numbness that can combat pain and effectively wipe out anxiety and stress that can keep someone from enjoying a restful night sleep.


Possessing the ability to completely calm you from head to toe, Star Killer marijuana has proven a force to be reckoned with and the judges agree: the 70% indica hybrid has taken 1st place four times and been crowned grand champion twice.

The fragrance of Star Killer marijuana is strongly redolent of pine and lemons, an aromatic profile that carries over to its taste, though some consumers are shocked by its distinct skunky flavor. Whether you decide to plant indoors or out, providing Star Killer marijuana seeds with a warm and humid climate can help to guarantee a flavorful and above-average harvest after 9 to 10 weeks of flowering.

Silencing Your Mind To Sleep

Star Killer Feminized Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant all-female strain with high THC at 28 percent. This is a very relaxing, euphoric, sedating, and uplifting strain with high yields and early flowering. It comes with citrus, lemon, earthy, spicy, and sweet flavors, and you can use this for pain, stress, insomnia, inflammation, fatigue, and depression.

As a byproduct of Mazar and Blueberry, one would think that Star Killer would produce a mild and savory strain; however, this Indica heavy plant creates its notoriety for being a potent strain – one that will get you high after a few tokes. Using its 23% THC level, this hybrid allows its users to enjoy the soaring high as if they are in space. The effects start after a few minutes, and the relaxation will soon follow. While it is mild at the onset, it will intensify as the compounds work their way through your brain and body.

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Users must prepare themselves for the couch-lock experience. Smokers need to savor the high before they are put to sleep. Insomnia does not stand a chance when this weed takes hold of your body. You are bound to have a good night’s right with this strain. Lasting around nine weeks to reach its flowering time, this Indica hybrid settles in a sunshine-filled climate well.