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sprouting marijuana seeds in rockwool

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Rockwool cubes are sterile and inorganic. After being exposed to extreme heat, Rockwool arrives at a grower’s doorstep clean and ready for use. Because it doesn’t contain any organic matter, Rockwool helps to protect the root zone against damaging microbes.

After seedlings have developed their first few sets of true leaves, they enter the vegetative phase. By this time, you’ll notice roots starting to protrude out of the Rockwool blocks. This means they’re ready for a bigger home!

Pros of Rockwool for Growing Cannabis

The flowering phase is very similar between soil and hydroponic grows. Here are the main factors to consider.

Although they take a long time to break down, growers can shred their used blocks down as finely as possible and throw them onto the compost pile. Over time, key elements within basalt rock will leach into the compost and add a nutritional kick to your future soil.

Upon mimicking a volcano, the factory machinery then needs to mimic the wind. The lava enters a spinning machine that whips it into thin strands of stone wool. The addition of some binding solution oil helps to hold the strands together. Another machine layers several sheets of wool on top of each other, then a conveyor belt passes them through a series of rollers that compress the wool into a dense mat and improve its structure.

germinate them them move them to the rock wool cubes

I use the paper towel method 100 percent success rate for me, then once the little white tail pops out of the seed, then move the seeds to the 1 inch rock wool with the tail facing down in the hole then lightly put a little piece of rock wool over the hole that the seed is in.

Charlie Green

you dont use a humidity dome for starting seeds and second rockwool cubes will not dry out. they retain allot of water, and with

from there go to paper towel all in dark on heating pad at about 80 degrees

i have a Hydro set up also so i have been starting seedlings in rockwool for years.