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spreading marijuana seed birds

Despite being completely harmless of marijuana seeds for birds’ consumption, the smoke from marijuana, when combusted, can be very harmful and damaging to their health. However, there is still a minimal amount of researches that provides extensive information about this; the findings have shown that birds are extremely sensitive to marijuana smoke.

With his movement, he encouraged many marijuana enthusiasts across Europe to join the practice, because apart from its sole purpose, marijuana seeds contain essential nutrients that provide tremendous nutrients and sustain the healthy well-being of the feathered animals.

Being exposed to marijuana smoke can promote great consequences on their health. If they are exposed regularly to marijuana smoke, it nay trigger irritation of the eyes as it can cause respiratory infection and diseases related to the respiratory system.

Prevents Diseases and Promote Wellness

Due to its capacity to provide essential nutrients like protein and Omega Fatty Acid, the marijuana seeds, when consumed, allows the pressure of the blood to lower significantly and may help in preventing a sudden stroke. The ability of marijuana seeds to produce arginine, the blood vessels will able to relax.

Although the usage and cultivation of marijuana are illegal in Great Britain, the distribution of seeds and marijuana seeds itself is not. Hence, they tried to spread the seeds around the country to allow the birds to eat them. Why birds? Well, obviously, birds have the capacity to eat something and spread seeds around the area. With the use of birds, marijuana seeds can be distributed across the country without violating any laws.

He also founded the “Feed The Birds” organization, which encourages seed dispensaries to donate a supply of seeds, and private growers have likewise donated few of their exotic seeds. The aim of the organization is to let the birds eat them and allow nature works its own way. He considered this movement as the implementation approach to his previous “attempts” in feeding birds to enforce marijuana legalization.

Being small in size, marijuana seeds can be eaten easily by your friend birds, and it can cause no harm but rather satisfies their stomach fully. In this article, we will discuss the characteristics of marijuana seeds that can be good for your feathered pets. We will also investigate the pioneering person initiated feeding of marijuana seeds to birds and the purpose of such actions. We will also identify what harmful things that should be avoided by your pet bird to devour related to marijuana are.

The appearance of birds is always to be expected in any outdoor growing situation, so it won’t take much to tell if birds are tampering with and stealing from your crop or not. Birds visiting your grow isn’t automatically a bad thing. Here are marijuana plant symptoms to watch out for:

No matter the level of experience, when it comes to growing marijuana, growers are faced with many challenges. Some of the worst include insects, bad weather conditions, soil issues, heat stress, and birds, among other threats. It’s a real bummer to experience damaged or no crops at all after investing so much hard work, but it’s even worse knowing you could’ve done something about it.

Birds are usually in your crops for two main reasons: to eat them, or to eat the critters on them. Either way, you don’t really want them around. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to protect your marijuana plants from birds; however, we recommend that you wait to act until you can say with confidence that birds are stealing your cannabis seeds. Here are a few tips:


Now, let’s not assume we’re talking about all birds here. More often than not, growers have problems with game birds. It may be hard to believe, but there are many species that will specifically seek out marijuana seeds, so the struggle is certainly real for us growers. Once your marijuana seeds are prepared for soil, the flying attack on them can be almost immediate, leaving you without anything to grow. If you are also growing to produce seeds, then birds can strike as they grow. For the grower not really dealing with seeds, birds are unlikely to ever be a problem. The birds most likely to give you issues include:

Cannabis growers are tasked with taking all sorts of precautions to ensure their crop makes it to harvest in good condition. One danger to the outdoor plant is birds, as they are known to steal seeds and ruin your grow operation before it ever really takes off. Here are some tips to handle this threat from above.

When it comes to birds, there’s a really strange relationship shared with miss Mary Jane. At times, birds act as defenders, gobbling up the many pesky critters on your marijuana plants. On the other hand, they can wreak havoc on your future harvest by stealing your marijuana seeds. Here are a few things you should know about birds, and what you can do to stop them from harming your plants.

Security of your grow site is always a priority. This includes keeping your grow-op discreet if you live in areas where cultivation is illegal or frowned upon. If you have the freedom and space to optimise your outdoor grow to be safe from critters of all kinds, count yourself lucky. For those dealing with guerrilla grows and the like, research and thinking on your feet are the name of the game.

"It's quite common for bird seed to contain a huge variety of plant seed and cannabis has been known to come up from it."

BBC Radio Devon's gardening expert, Sarah Chesters, said: "I think the seed of this came from the bird feeder which hangs just above their door.

Officers said Mrs Hewitson was growing the plant illegally but in good faith.

Sgt Ryan Canning, from Devon and Cornwall Police, said: "If you come into possession of an illegal drug such as cannabis, you must either destroy it or take it to a police officer.

"We've been told we have to cut it up and either compost it, take it to the police station or take it up to the local recycling centre," Mrs Hewitson said.

After discovering it was an illegal cannabis plant the police were involved.

Cannabis is illegal to grow without a licence so Mrs Hewitson and her husband John were advised by Devon and Cornwall Police about what to do with the specimen.