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Coco Automatic Mod'ness

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Just culled all photoperiod mother plants and clones. I’m going to rock the auto’s without the distraction of the needy slow photoperiod plants

Plan is to grow 16 autos, plus start another 16 in small pots and transplant them after 7 days, as I harvest the others. I hope to be chopping weed after 60 days from the start, then chopping 2lbs a month on average. 16 ounces from each 4ft x 4ft tent with a gavita 750 should be easily achievable. If the leds don’t get close to the gavitas yield wise I will sell the lot of them and just grow with 750’s. You only live once and I want to grow a fuck load of bud. Not happy with the yields under led. Gavitas are tried and tested and proven. I’m tired of wasting money on average lights. I think leds do Not match upto the best 750 or 1000w hps. 4-5 ft of buds under the canopy. Leds just don’t penetrate the plant that far down. I added lots more led and the tops of the buds started to bleach, yet at the same time it wasn’t making the lower buds sing and dance so that’s it for me. I put in a lot of effort so need maximum returns every time.

I want to buy 2 or 3 Gavita 750 de lights. Think it’s time to give them a whirl. I have leds too, but will be selling some more of them. I will keep the Sanlight leds. I have 4 of them and would like to try them in a 4ft x 4ft tent. 600w through 12 sources of light. Have 13 other lights that I will be selling at some point. The gavitas dim down to 400w, so will be ok in the summer in a 4×4. I’m kind of offloading lights and reinvesting the money in the next few weeks.

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Spaceman is an indica/sativa hybrid cannabis strain (50/50) created by fertilising a yeti OG with Elev8 Seed’s own Cinex strain. It’s a fast-flowering plant with heavy yields.


The earthy Yeti OG contributes a relaxing effect due to its 3% CBD content while the Cinex is known for a happy, clear, social high along with a cheese ‘n’ lime scent and taste. Spaceman combines all of the parent’s qualities to good effect.

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Flowering indoors lasts for approximately 8 weeks and the switch will see a medium stretch with plenty of budding nodes which develop golf ball-shaped buds around a big central cola. While potency is at medium levels the high is happy and relaxed but without any couch-lock sensation.