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200mg/1oz Canine Tincture Source 200mg full spectrum CBD-rich hemp oil canine tincture is specially formulated for your smaller/medium sized dogs. All of our products are non-psychoactive. Source CBD Oil we offer high quality THC-Free Cannabidiol products. Buy organic, broad spectrum CBD oils, CBD for pets, CBD edibles, CBD skin care

200mg/1oz Canine Tincture

Source 200mg full spectrum CBD-rich hemp oil canine tincture is specially formulated for your smaller/medium sized dogs.

All of our products are non-psychoactive.

Source CBD 200mg Canine Tincture is specially formulated for your smaller/medium sized dogs. Developed through infusing cannabidiol rich industrial grade hemp oil with high quality liquid coconut MCT oil. At Source our herbal supplements contain the highest quality HEMP CBD oil on the market today.

All of our products are non-psychoactive.

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INGREDIENTS: Organic MCT Coconut oil and Hemp derived CBD oil.

5 reviews for 200mg/1oz Canine Tincture

Sundance (aka Virginia Levy) – May 9, 2018

I purchased my bottle from a local feedstore in Cornville AZ for my 16 yr old Boston Bull Terrier who suffers from congestive heart failure (which, I put her on lasiks to help with the coughing to clear her lungs now up to twice a day). She’s also got severe arthritis (I put her on glucosomine 4 in 1 chews 2x’s a day). She’s 100% deaf and roughly 90% blind and to top things off, the poor soul also has canine dementia. I got the CBD oil for Cricket in hopes of helping her to feel better, as the Previcox pain meds nearly killed her! She got incredibly anorexic, started vomiting and had diarrhea after 30 days of being on half a tab 2x’s per day! She lost so much weight, and felt so bad, I came super close to just helping her cross over to end her suffering, but thankfully listened to my intuition and took her off the Previcox. By the next morning, all life-threatening symptoms cleared up and within 3 weeks of intensive dietary adjustments (chicken and rice and organic beef) she returned to her normal weight.

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As a professional farrier, I see a lot of founder and laminitis cases. One client, whose horse had severe rotation of the coffin bone (29 degrees) opted to put her mare on CBD oil for equines instead of bute. This was my first introduction to CBD oil. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but was hopeful that the results would be positive as long-term administration of Bute is extremely hard on the stomach. Within ten days, the foundered mare was doing 85% better. This got my attention and is why I decided to use it on my beloved “Cricket Dog”.

She’s only been on it a week and as of today, her cough is improving dramatically, as is her mobility! I started to see drastic improvements in mobility within the first three days, but wasn’t 100% sure it was due to the CBD oil and not just the 4 in 1 glucosomine tabs. One of her eyes looks clearer, too. Not sure if I’m imagining it- but, so far, I am seeing improvements! (She also is not shaking nearly as bad as before either, so that’s another plus!)

All I can suggest is try it! Give it at least 7-10 days before expecting results. It beats the hell out of traditional medicine which has all sorts of side-effects, some, as I found out, life-threatening. Either way, I personally feel like it’s a better choice than anything else out there… so I’m sticking with it and may start to use it for myself!

Source CBD Oil For Dogs

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Our CBD Mission

In this exploding CBD market, where so many CBD products are coming out of the wood-work, who can you trust? We saw a need and had a simple plan when we started Source CBD Oil. People want to know what they are putting into their body and want to trust the source of the product.

  • US farmed organic Hemp
  • Pharmaceutical Grade end-product
  • CO2 extraction methods
  • Industry best bio-availability
  • Zero THC
  • Open Lab Results to customers
  • Excellent customer service
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
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We have partnered with one of the country’s premier industrial hemp growers to develop the highest quality CBD products. Whether it is the hemp growing in the greenhouses and farmland, or the processing of our PCR hemp oil in state-of-the-art extraction and purification facility, we care about what matters to you. Know Your Source

What’s Inside?


A group of play metabolietes thought to provide health benefits through cell signalling pathways and antioxidant effects.


The sub-group of cannabinoids produced by hemp (and other plants), includes Cannabidiol (CBD), Cannabigerol (CBG), Cannabichromene (CBC) & more.


Aromatic oils found in hemp and other plants. Terpenes bind to receptors in the human body resulting in a variety of health benefits.


Whether produced by the body or in a plant, these naturally-occurring fatty compounds interact with the endocannabinoid system, which includes CB1 and CB2 receptors.

Know Your Source – Trust Your Source

ZERO THC. Source CBD Oil products contain absolutely Zero THC — meaning you enjoy all of the benefits of CBD with none of the psychoactive side effects.

We believe in our products 100%. We offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are not satisfied just let us know.

We offer Free Shipping on orders over $99. Our goal is to ship products the same day you place your order.

Enhanced absorption. Our water-soluble softgels are 4x more absorbable than a standard tincture oil. Relief comes faster, and you see results with smaller serving sizes.

Our hemp is proudly grown in the U.S.A. After 3 year search, we chose Folium Biosciences in Colorado due to their high farming standards and state-of-the-art production process.

Broad spectrum. Source CBD Oil products contain all of the cannabinoids present in a proprietary, nutrient-rich strain of hemp known as PCR hemp. You get the entourage impact of all the phytocannabinoids and terpenes working together.

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High Quality and Consistency. All of our products are manufactured in a GMP-certified facility that conforms to FDA guidelines.

All our hemp comes from the same strain, ensuring uniformity. Plus, our hemp oil comes from the exact same extraction process in the same facility — meaning you receive a product that’s reliable, predictable and effective.

Testing and Transparency. Every batch of our PCR hemp oil is tested to ensure that the products you receive are the highest quality available, without any metals, pesticides or THC. We post all our lab results.

Trust Your Source. We realize in this exploding industry it is critical to know your source and and trust what you put into your body. That’s why we share any part of the production process and provide all of our documented lab results on our site.

The Source CBD Oil Difference: Nanoemulsion

Absorption Matters. One of our goals is to provide a CBD product with superior bio-availability. In other words, we want to make sure that our products could be easily absorbed into the bloodstream not simply passed through the digestive system. Source CBD Oil partnered with Folium Biosciences who uses a patent pending formula designed to maximize absorption called nanoemulsion.

The average size of our hemp oil droplet in the nanoemulsion form averages 25 nanometers. The industry standard is 100 to 5000 nanometers. The small size of the nanoemulsion hemp oil leads to much higher absorption in the bloodstream. This patent pending formula allows more of our CBD to be absorbed and greatly increases the overall efficacy.

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