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sour kush marijuana seeds

Loved the world over for its soaring THC content and relaxing effects that are unencumbered by any “brain fog”, Sour Kush marijuana is an indica-dominant hybrid with effects that can be just as useful at the crack of dawn as they are when the sun dips below the horizon. Generally, the effects of Sour Kush are uplifting and relaxing, allowing you enough mental presence to still be productive during the day, and in some cases, to tap into your creative side with a whole new perspective.

With its overtones of citrus and the relative ease of which it can be cultivated, Sour Kush marijuana is deceptively enticing to cannabis beginners. You will easily be swayed by the frosted leaves and pungent aroma, but its upwards of 30% THC may very well leave novice consumers in a sticky situation.

Like fresh squeezed lemon and undertones of diesel, the bouquet of Sour Kush marijuana is complex and inviting, and a welcome therapeutic alternative for patients dealing with stress, lethargy, pain, depression, and lack of appetite.


Fresh lemon and undertones of diesel mark the fragrance of Sour Kush marijuana, an indica-dominant “wake and bake” marijuana strain that is easy to grow but deliriously potent. Newcomers, exercise caution!

Sour Kush marijuana seeds are ideal for beginner gardeners, and will likely offer an above-average harvest whether planted indoors or out. Resistant to most mold and mildews that are common to marijuana plants, given a warm, temperate climate and adequate circulation, Sour Kush marijuana plants should need on average 9 weeks to flower

Sour Kush Strain is the product of an increasing interest in creating easy-to-grow strains for medical users who want to be in control of their own supply of weed. It was created to offer day-time relief from stress and pain in a palatable form. The Sativa genetics mean that the initial effect is a pleasant cerebral buzz, uplifting rather than totally euphoric. This then mellows into gently-stoned relaxation. While this is definitely a variety for those who like diesel, there is a refreshing, lemon sweetness to this variety, which may appeal to those less enthusiastic about diesel in general. It does, however, have a pungent smell so needs to be grown with respect and stored with care.

This uplifting plant has great medical properties, being slightly Sativa dominant she is very uplifting, she also can be very pungent so make sure the end product is well sealed. This plant grows very symmetrically and is well suited to sea of green, she will fill in during the last 3 weeks of flowering creating some dense heavy buds.