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soaking marijuana seeds in water

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Pros of Rockwool

Remember! Most of the medical strains of marijuana we grow today (learn how to get seeds) have been bred over many years to produce plants that are easy to grow and which produce potent, medicinal buds. However, these strains have not been selected for the toughness of the seeds they produce since that isn’t important to us as growers. Just remember…

Germination Method 2: Plant marijuana seeds directly in growing medium

You can make a DIY germination station at home by putting a plastic dome over a plate on a heating pad.

6-10 gallon container

We also had trouble rooting clones in Rockwool. Rockwool cubes just don’t hold enough air to get plenty of oxygen to the roots, and they tend to hold onto a lot of water and get waterlogged easily. Since Rockwool can hold a lot of water, it’s prone to “drowning” seeds

Holy cow. Paper towel, h2o2, water temps, best methods.

How you guys do it and what’s the success rate? Cheers.


Some may see different but in all ways the soak and plant is the quickest.

I don’t even pay attention to a little curling when seedlings are this young. They grow out of it and a week from now you won’t even know. Too many people obsess when the plants leaves are not perfect and start trying to fix something that will resolve itself. I just leave them alone and let them grow. I germinate many seeds from many different plants. All of them at times will have weird looking leaves sometimes. In the end they all grow just fine. But that’s probably because I don’t freak out and start dumping stuff on them, worrying about runoff pH, spraying with CalMag, etc.

Once you master this lets talk a 12-24 hour soak as the whole paper towel thing is ameture’ish imo. Im pretty certain once the seed is 100% hydrated it is at 100% max growth, soaking just speeds up hydration and past that i can see no futher benefits to keeping it in a paper towel over its new home.