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snow ripper marijuana seeds

James Hyland – April 8, 2021

The Snow Ripper regular seed is a vigorous plant that thrives into an indica like structure, bushy and compact. It passes every delicate standard of cannabis connoisseurs, with its unique characteristics and features of combined strains of Afghani, Ginger-Ale, and an unknown hybrid.

Adored by many consumers, this strain has a body relieving capacity, perfect for easing away stress and pain. The great balance of its effects soars both mind and body with relaxation and blissful cognitive high—terpenoids radiating fresh, earthy, and spicy flavors, making a great addition to its considerable amazing characteristics.

More About Snow Ripper (Regular)

Astro L. – November 26, 2020

Snow Ripper Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain popular for its high yields and faster flowering. This is a tall plant growing up to 180 cm tall and producing up to 450 grams per square meter indoors and up to 600 grams per plant outdoors. In just 8 weeks, you can get buds with earthy, pine, pungent, and woody flavors.

Respected by growers, the comfort in cultivating the strain and rewarding harvest it creates to bring the strain a more indisputable place in the growers’ garden. Within a maximum of nine weeks flowering time, the strain can generate 450 grams of indoor and 600 grams outdoor harvests, and fairly resistant to molds and mildew. Making it more convenient and manageable for beginners to develop.

I’m falling in love with this hype weed! It gives me a solid warm feeling after a while. It puts me on a relaxing feeling where I can’t easily stand from my couch! It has different flavors that I love to keep smoking, like pine and citrus flavors. Also, My ideal plant since it flourishes well and grows faster than I expected!

Snow Ripper is a regular cannabis strain with indica-leaning characteristics. It has high THC with quicker flowering times. It requires a sunny or temperate growing area to thrive. It grows very tall at 180 cm with THC levels at 19%. You also get up to 600 grams of yield per plant.

P. Laczon – February 4, 2021


Heather N. – May 16, 2021

Snow Ripper prefers the sunny Mediterranean and a temperate Continental climate to grow. It may be grown indoors or outdoors, but we recommend cultivating it in a roomy indoor setting so you can properly monitor your plants.

This weed has an earthy, spicy flavor profile with hints of fresh pine forest, which I find indeed very satisfying! This plant only took me 9 weeks to develop and generates a high number of crop yields. It’s very simple to grow big buds with a bunch of resin. It also has a high resistance to mold and rodents. The euphoria is instant, and it completely eliminates my anxiety. It also improves my mood. Each puff is deeply soothing and can be of great benefit to those who are anxious, as I am. You can feel a cerebral high as a result of the high THC content, which boosts your creative ideas. I’m going to buy a lot more!