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Why is Forbes on a personal mission to state that Bernard Arnault is richer than Bill Gates? They habitually over-inflate Bernard Arnault's net worth. Honestly, it's getting petty now and really boring. What happened to giving away 95% of his wealth to charity. Now, thanks to the WHO and Covid he has his Malthusian eugenist monopolistic hands in education, health, food and government. Mr Burns personified.

he's also blocking the sun and he will patent water. this son of a whore should be sent to mars. And no ones worried the biggest proponent of vaccines with ties to eugenics is also the biggest farm land owner? Black folks this is the face of your enemy! A smiling devil with murderous intent. If he can’t kill with his vaccine he’ll do it with your food.

UpperLowerClass Fool couldn’t grow a radish Looks like the demon needs even more space 😾


America’s biggest owner of farmland is now Bill Gates

NeilClark66 Yup Monsanto frankenfood anyone ? Sysngn 😮 Hmm..why?

And here was me thinking this man was a philanthropist and giving his fortune away!! No, instead his wealth grows rapidly by the year and is the 4th richest man in the world! Mental! He is evil. Started from the bottom now we here. Conspiracy theorist : He's going to put his chips in our food 😭😭 Microchips in our food conspiracy theories in 3. 2. 1.

I’ll take “how to never pay taxes again” for $1000

Sometimes, I think that the common beast has the advantage over our “evolved” examples of civilization, for the common dog or cat, has the freedom to self medicate, yet we, the ones closest to God, remain in a prison of ethics that has given birth to so much corruption.

And we all pay, pay, pay.

Excuse Me while I take a clinton and wipe My bush.

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I was extra impressed with this LTE:

(I think Ron is a Green Collar Worker also)

I think it is just fine. The article that really needs to be written in the style of Paul Armetto’s recent piece on faith-based initatives, is how CP is similar to slavery in US history. We have a moral failure that goes on because of institutionalized injustice. They both rob the people of their unalienable rights.

I’m still terrified of that event. If it had rained before I saw the plants. we wouldn’t have known.