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Six Shooter Auto: Heavily Potent And Fast Growing Autoflower

A cross between Crystal Meth Auto and Mexican Airlines Auto – Six Shooter Auto was created to give birth to the best yielding, high potency auto-flowering strain Fast Buds could offer, and considering the fame this strain has received, they have succeeded.

  • Recommended Techniques: Low Stress Training (LST)
  • Recommended Lighting: LED 75W Grownorthern HS1s (increasing to 2 lights after 3 weeks) with a 20hr Light schedule may produce up to 200g/plant.
  • Usually tests at

Possibly the largest and tallest plant coming from FastBuds, with the largest and heaviest XXL sized yield, that is rarely matched in potency by any other auto-flower. Finishing up in just 9 weeks from germination, it will usually grow up to 100-140cm. Usually growing one big main cola and a lot of smaller ones on the side branches but it can easily take any type of training method you choose. As she matures, buds will get fully covered with resinous crystals and she’s tested at up to a vigorous 23.68% in THC content. She has a high bud-leaf ratio and although it might not be the smelliest strain, adding a carbon filter to you grow will still be a good idea.

Frost covered buds. These nugs are made up of dark orange pistils blended in with dense layers of crystals, that under the right light, give it a beautiful bluish hue.

Uplifting euphoria. Six Shooter delivers a stimulating heady high, great for social events or creative activities, which slowly seeps into a more mellow, yet still present, relaxation. Soothing the muscles and inspiring the mind.

Smoke report

Despite being a large plant, she’s not difficult to grow. More experienced growers can easily get away with some LST and is recommended for anyone growing indoors. Outdoor growers are going to want to plant her in large pots and give her lots of sunshine so that she can reach her full growth potential.

Large and in Charge. One of Fast Buds larger growing plants, she’ll reach up to 1.4m in height, and can attain 1m in height even after just 4 weeks. Good internodal spacing and large main cola production makes her quite the hefty yielder.

Fully Loaded. A smoke rich with woody-pine fragrances that leaves a strong, but not displeasing floral pine taste on the lips, accompanied but not overwhelmed by subtle citrus undertones complementing the taste.

Towards the end of flowering, you will begin to understand why we chose the name Six Shooter. Its dense buds, reminiscent of large-caliber bullets, are showered with white trichomes, and sports a THC level up to 21% with low CBD. When grown outdoor, the strain is known to have smaller elapsed harvest time with the same fully-loaded Six Shooter yield potential. This combo is the best option for a quick harvest. But there’s more! The adaptability of Six Shooter means that it also perseveres when grown indoor, as well. Overall, Six Shooter won’t stink up the barn. But it does offer enough of a bouquet to consider a carbon filter. During mid-flowering, a subtle citrus fragrance mingled with fine incense hugs the nose.