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shipping marijuana seeds to utah

Yes, weed seeds are legal to purchase in Utah due to their classification as adult novelty souvenirs, making all ungerminated seeds collector’s items. While their eastern neighbor Colorado has legalized recreational marijuana, Utah has been a bit slow to follow the great example set by their neighboring state. However, Utah does allow medical marijuana in the form of CBD for patients living with epileptic disorders. Here’s to hoping Utah realizes the many amazing benefits to legalizing recreational marijuana soon and follows their neighbor’s example.

We’re serious about delivering the best quality marijuana seeds, and that means making sure our customers have the best purchasing experience. For the best possible results, we have a germination guarantee set up for our customers. This ensures that our seeds come with a 90% germination success rate. If you witness anything less, you may qualify for replacement seeds—all you’d have to pay for is flat-rate shipping. If your seeds are a flop for any reason, take a video/picture and send it to customer service.

On the days when something feels “off,” Kushberry marijuana seeds can help you feel “right” again. Best used in the evenings, this indica can take all your worries and stressors away by relaxing your body and clearing your head. Notice your body start to sink into the couch or bed.

Are Weed Seeds Legal in Utah?

To all you tea lovers out there, Green Dream marijuana seeds smell exactly like green tea once they’re harvested. This sativa-dominant hybrid is a highly social strain that can boost a user’s creativity, energy, and chattiness in a group of people.

Pacific Seed Bank is a marijuana seed bank that stores a number of marijuana seeds in a ton of strains from trusted breeders. These seeds are just waiting for you to order online. Whether you’re a pro or you’re still learning how to grow a marijuana plant, we’ve got all the informational resources you could need at our website.

Mystery surrounds its origins, but Goldberry marijuana is well known as a potent and fragrant indica that delivers both bliss and relaxation in equal measure.

Is it wine, or is it weed? Grape Kush marijuana is a potent sativa that boosts your mood with a sweet, fruity smoke. Dark green and purple nugs give intermediate growers a fantastic and aromatic harvest in as little as 8 weeks.

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Our website is loaded with helpful tips on how to grow marijuana for first-time growers to professionals growers. And products to keep marijuana plants healthy.


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Can I get marijuana seeds in Salt Lake City? YES
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