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sensemillion marijuana with no seeds

For those who don’t grow cannabis, sinsemilla may sound like a specific strain, when in actuality, it’s a female plant that has been prevented from being fertilized and therefore grows without seeds. Most people want to grow sinsemilla plants because it produces flower with a higher THC content, versus putting all of its energy into producing seeds. Having said this, sinsemilla plants are rare because they’re unable to reproduce until it’s fertilized.

“My last batch was full of hermies, so I’m trying to grow only sinsemilla this time!”


A highly potent form of marijuana, in which the end, smokable product contains no seeds.

Sensimilla does not refer to a particular breed or strain of plant. Any female marijuana plant which is prevented from becoming fertilized will produce flowers without seeds. This contributes to a higher THC content in the harvest because none of the buds have had a chance to turn into seeds. This also contributes to the quality and rarity of Sensimilla product because an unfertilized sensi-yeilding plant is unable to reproduce (until fertilized).

The term "Sensimilla" is broken down to translate in Spanish as "without seeds" (sin semilla), however the term was coined and popularized in the context of marijuana culture by California growing regions. (which have strong Spanish/Mexican cultural influence)

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