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sending marijuana seeds through the mail

It is conceivable that you have been carefully studying for the possible marijuana seed banks. However, by some means, there is still none that you like to buy from. One thing you may consider doing is to check for foreign stores that process shipment internationally. Nevertheless, you should be cautious with the choices of delivery that they provide.

Just a reminder, it is always best to learn the laws that are ruling your area. Some countries have a more rigid custom control that offers more possibilities of confiscating your package. Perform research, and if you still decide to continue with the transaction, always choose the express shipping to provide guaranteed delivery.

Wherever you live, your dream to grow and sell marijuana is already made attainable. With the aid of some effective ideas that guarantee the discreet shipping of marijuana seeds, transporting marijuana seeds need not be very hard.

5. Contact Details

Once you decide to purchase from a shop that is thousands of miles from you, you should make sure that it provides discreet shipping. Not all stores can provide you the convenience of secrecy when shipping your item, so make sure to assess your chosen shop well before you process your transaction. There are several ways that you can do to determine the credibility of your shop. If you find it authentic and provide good service, you can then proceed with your order.

You should realize by now how critical it is to ship the marijuana seeds immediately to provide your clients with the reduced waiting time. The sooner you can have the item shipped, the faster it will arrive in your customer with less or no difficulty at all.

When it comes to shipping marijuana seeds, it is very important that the transaction is kept discreet and safe. You do not want to be put into trouble after the law enforcers discover your ownership of the marijuana seeds. Good thing now that there are numerous ideas you can use to help you do discreet shipping of marijuana seeds.

If you are a potential buyer who wants to order online, one of your concerns is to determine whether the purchase can be shipped from the shop. Are there any nearby reputable sellers? What are your other options to acquire superior-quality marijuana seeds? Do you find it a safe approach?

We often get asked how safe it is to mail cannabis, particularly across state lines in the US or even abroad. Are inspectors looking out for cannabis in the mail? Is it legal? Are you likely to get caught? If so, what’s the penalty for mailing or receiving weed in the post?

Let’s take a closer look at the current state of play and what you should, if anything, be worried about. We advise you read this carefully before you seal up the envelope with cannabis in it and send it out through the post.

The War on Drugs

It would also give Americans the chance to build a cannabis industry that provides more jobs and opportunities. But don’t hold your breath if you think it’s going to happen within the next couple f years. Drugs law is not high on the federal agenda, even if stats have their own way of doing things.

There is the story of a Texan who went to Colorado and bought about $50,000 of cannabis. Mailing the weed to his home address seemed a good idea but along the way someone at USPS decided his packages looked suspicious. When he went to his local postal depot to pick up the delivery, the cops were waiting for him. He now faces the possibility of between 8 and 24 years in prison.

There were 2,622 arrests for mailing controlled substances but it’s not clear how many of these were actually mailing weed. The truth is, however, that marijuana is the most often intercepted drug in the US. You shouldn’t be surprised by this as it’s legal in many states. Many people are posting out their weed without even realizing they are breaking the law.

The USPS needs a warrant. UPS does not need them.


“Hear ye, hear ye!” July 26th, 2016 is the 241st anniversary of the most venerable of U.S. institutions, the United States Postal Service. You’ll no doubt recognize agency members by those timeless navy blue shorts and the eagle logo on the side of their trucks. The USPS has been making deliveries for nearly two and a half centuries, yet there’s a lot about this organization that people don’t know. Namely, what is the risk of mailing or shipping cannabis through the U.S. Postal Service?

Mailing Cannabis – Best Practices

In general, there are checkpoints where they use sniffer dogs, etc. Marijuana on international flights is not exactly the safest thing to do, as some countries forbid any kind of agricultural products.

I send kgs of Marijuana on a regular basis. I had acquaintances carrying airtight containers hidden in their plane luggage. People really overestimate the government’s competence in these things – they have a hard time getting Marijuana and less chance of catching seeds. Something small, light, odorless and difficult to identify as a marijuana seed is completely safe.

In Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Michigan and California States where marijuana is legal, marijuana, some sellers are starting to feel free to mail feel to residents that are qualified to purchase marijuana in these States.

If you send your own marijuana seeds, I’ll be less worried if you sent marijuana itself. Just send them with other stuff together and no problem should arise.