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seed shell stays on marijuana seedling

If the shell is still too difficult to remove after applying some water, repeat the process again.

Why does the shell get stuck to the seedling?

How to remove the seed shell from a Cannabis seedling

When you plant a newly germinated seed into soil the hypocotyl (basically the stem) grows through soil and reaches for the light. As it pushes up through the soil the outer shell should detach, but sometimes it doesn’t and it gets stuck.

Every Cannabis grower has had to deal with a seed’s shell getting stuck to the newly sprouted plant. It’s not a major issue, but if left too long it can cause damage to your young seedling.

In this guide I will explain how to remove the seeds outer shell from the seedling without causing any damage to the plant.

The most common reason for the shell getting stuck is not potting your seeds deep enough. If the hypocotyl doesn’t have to push through much soil then there’s less movement and friction to detach the shell.

first set of leaves start coming in then they really start producing their own energy

What causes this? Most of the time you will see this with highly resinous Indica plants. Yes, even at that early of an age their resin can be that strong. Noticed it with 3 out of 6 LA Cons I recently popped. It is a good thing, but be careful not to rip either of your first 2 leaves, b/.c those provide the plant with 100% of its nutes until it is ready for nutes! Good luck, and it sounds like you have a good strain!

had this happen often like was said in low humidity the shell and inner lining dry up and harden


all is ok now. fem white widow skunk.

I usually mist the seedling a few times and then gently try to remove it with tweezers.

the cotyledons were yellow but as soon as the light started to get at them they started producing energy and straightening up and unfolding and got green

just had 2 die from not burying deep enough. the shell got hard and leaves never shot out