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One of the most enduring and largest seedbank in England, the Gypsy Nirvana Seed Boutique Marijuana seeds is known all over as among those with the best quality in the cannabis market. Gypsy Nirvana seed boutique reviews have further made the company popular because of the many satisfied customers and this also led to many inquiries about the marijuana seeds being carried by them. The company has more than 1000 strains of marijuana seeds in their inventory and this made them one of the seedbanks with a comprehensive line-up of cannabis seeds.

They have weed seeds coming from reputable breeders such as Ace Seeds, Big Buddha Seeds, Dutchgrown Seeds, Hrtilab, and Magus Genetics among many others. Some of their best-seller pot seeds are Killer Queen Redux from Dutch Grown Seeds, ChemDog from Reservoir seeds, and AK47 from Serious Seeds to name a few. The marijuana seeds are sold in original breeders’ packaging and the number of seeds will vary according to the breeder. Gypsy Nirvana discount codes are not available as of this writing but they do have free seeds being given to those who will buy weed seeds.

Gypsy Nirvana’s Seed Boutique Marijuana Seeds

Gypsy Nirvana Seed Boutique marijuana seeds are shipped worldwide but the company advises the buyer to check his/her national laws to make sure there will be no hassles with the shipment with the caveat that any interception by authorities is not their responsibility. For orders within UK, they have next day delivery and for the rest of the world, the weed seeds delivery lead time can range from 7 to 28 days. Payment methods accepted are Money Orders in US dollars only. Due to some technicalities, the company is unable to accept any kind of credit card. They accept currencies other than US dollars and they are UK Pound Sterling, Japanese Yen, Euros, Australian dollars, and of course Canadian dollars.

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