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sativa marijuana seeds maine

Characteristics of both species from this cross are therefore clearly recognizable. The buds of this marijuana plant are sturdy and compact and covered with white crystals.

A happy cross between Blueberry and Haze, Blue Dream is in many a top ten list of best-selling cannabis seeds. Due to the involvement of Haze, Blue Dream is sought after by many experienced growers.

Sour Diesel always delivers crisp citrus notes with every toke. This not only gives a sumptuously rich and complex flavor but also produces an incredibly smooth exhalation of the two main flavor notes merging and having an earthy aftertaste. The high often leads you into cerebral daydreams with the energy and motivation to turn those daydreams into reality. Sour Diesel is an excellent cannabis strain to get things going, and with a simple vintage aroma, it’s easy to see how this cannabis strain is a classic.

3. White Widow

Blue Dream is a sativa dominant hybrid and has quickly developed into one of the most smoked and loved cannabis strains in the USA. Currently, she is one of the best-selling strains ever.

When you talk about the White Widow, you are talking about the most famous strain ever. In the Netherlands it quickly became a bestseller in all coffee shops, not much later this strong plant became known all over the world, making it available almost everywhere today.

Gorilla Glue Auto is the autoflowering variant of Gorilla Glue # 4. Are you wondering what makes Gorilla Glue so unique? Then take a look at her name. This one is a playful hint to her fantastic resin production and potency. In fact, it is so powerful that it “glues” you to your sofa in wonderfully deep relaxation.

A legend in the weed community, Sour Diesel is known to take even the most depressed and sulkiest, and raise them to a high bliss that leaves them unable to control the onslaught of classic marijuana chuckles.

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Lemon Haze CBD Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Lemon Haze CBD marijuana seeds are sativa-dominant, so the resulting bud is a great pick for when you need to relieve pain and stress, but don’t want to go to sleep. Get a creativity boost with a side of lower anxiety when you try this citrus dream.

Still, despite the legalization of medical cannabis, the legislation did not outline any means for the legal sale of cannabis and it wasn´t until 2006 that a citizen-initiated bill was passed. This allowed for the opening not-for-profit dispensaries which are regulated by the state’s department of health.

However, despite relatively progressive medical marijuana laws, the state has been slower on the uptake when it comes to recreational marijuana. Indeed, it wasn´t until 2016 that Maine voters were given the opportunity to introduce the legalised used of recreational cannabis following the passing of a ballot measure.

While recreational cannabis use is no longer prohibited in the state, a number of legal issues, as well as the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic have significantly delayed the opening of cannabis dispensaries, with recreational sales now scheduled to begin in October of 2020.

Maine Cannabis Law

More recently, the state was one of the first to implement the legalised use of medical cannabis in 1999, following quickly in the footsteps of California who became the first state to legalize the plant for its medicinal purposes in 1996.

Going back over a century, cannabis was first prohibited in Maine in 1913 and it wasn´t until 1976 that the possession of small quantities of cannabis was first decriminalised.

For those of you looking to grow Maine marijuana, it is obviously important to familiarize yourself with the local state laws. As such, Marijuana Grow Shop is here to guide you in the right direction!

While Maine is set to become one of the most 4:20 friendly states in the U.S following the legalization of recreational cannabis usage in 2016, the state has continued to face a number of hurdles in its bid to grab a slice of the cannabis pie.