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reliable source to buy marijuana seeds reddit

Feel a sense of pride and accomplishment

Let me know if there's a seedbank you love that you want on the list.

Legally give out clones to everyone – All the info you need to find rare strains and know your lineage

Order 1g of the LP version

Health Canada LP list – Sort by "Starting materials for sale" (medical only)

So here I am with this big ol' list of strains and I realize that some of you probably have no idea where to find the damn seeds. I've posted this list as a reply to enough comments that I think it deserves its own thread. I'm just posting Canadian ones I have saved in my bookmarks or sources that get suggested in the comments, but there are a ton more. I'm also posting a few other helpful links that I use when I'm shopping.

I got scammed by payofix when I used my credit card at Green point seeds. Ever since I've been sending money orders instead I've had zero issues.

Should add Jordan of the islands (joti) he has some great crosses that he sells directly and he’s also the original god bud creator.

I can vouch for Oregon Elite Seeds, and Hella Dank Seed Co.

I’d have to say GYO, I have ordered dozens of seeds, all came in with correct strains in like two weeks and 100% germination, but GYO gets their seeds from a lot of breeders(sensi, seedsman etc) so it wouldn’t be right to say that they are directly responsible for the rates

Gyo good but they could do a better job at getting new strains

Avoid any seedbanks that use international credit card processors. You will get skimmed eventually. Some people will use preloaded credit cards to avoid the hassle. I would rather deal with losing a small remainder forever on a burner card than waiting to get charged reversed and a new card sent etc.

Stealth shipping, got it. And that's still safe to send to my own place or should I have it shipped somewhere I wont be growing?

I've ordered seeds 2 times now. Not from that website, but the packages came once to my house and once it had to be picked up from the post office. Both times no problems. 🙂

Marijuana is not legal where I live, so getting a high cbd strain is pretty difficult.

What payment method do you use? Do you have then shipped straight to your spot?

Seedsman is awesome. Just select stealth shipping and you'll be good. My order came 11 days later.