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reddit cheap marijuana seeds

Feel a sense of pride and accomplishment – All the info you need to find rare strains and know your lineage – All the latest strains if you have the $$ – Awesome search feature

Let me know if there's a seedbank you love that you want on the list.

Legally give out clones to everyone

So here I am with this big ol' list of strains and I realize that some of you probably have no idea where to find the damn seeds. I've posted this list as a reply to enough comments that I think it deserves its own thread. I'm just posting Canadian ones I have saved in my bookmarks or sources that get suggested in the comments, but there are a ton more. I'm also posting a few other helpful links that I use when I'm shopping.

You don't want to baby a plant all summer only to have shit you don't want to smoke when all is said and done.

Hey thx for the offer. I got a line on some but will contact you if it falls through.

If you arent buying feminized seeds or clones you run the risk of getting males which while not produce any bud, but also pollinate other peoples crops and ruin it. Just dont do it.

PM me buddy! I have a few types of seeds just from my personal legal plants, I'd mail them to you for very cheap. Like, send me ten bucks and I'm happy.

Why would VicPD care what completely legal activity I'm curious about trying?

You get what you pay for, especially when it comes to cannabis genetics.

Been looking for seeds but so far just find all these boutique "feminized" high quality strains for like $15 per seed. Anywhere I can go locally or online to get some lousy ditchweed seeds so I can have a cannabis plant on display in the garden without dropping $50 on a little packet?