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reddit best sites for marijuana seeds florida

Im hunting for genetics in our Washington greenhouse this winter and I was wondering where to find the most reputable company for seeds online. I searched and couldn't find a definitive list.

Side question. Who the hell has zkittlez

Seedsherenow has been A+ service.

The real fire is on instagram. Try @tonygreenhand or @masonic_smoker. I’m running Green hands peanut butter breath right now and it’s starting out purdy and thiccccc

Zkittlez is a clone, not a seed line.

I’m currently using some sort of cow manure mix, I don’t have the brand of it but I didn’t have any soil from past vegetable gardens to use and I wasn’t sure where to dig up soil that might be good for the plants I have a ton of seeds I just germinated that I want to use wisely because I’m not sure if my current set up is going to be successful in the long run

Name the best natural resources I can use without having to buy special soils and product, what PH do I need to water the plant with and how long to boil for to get the PH I need to water the plant with also how many times a day/week/month I need to water the plant for it to continue good growth until harvest

Anymore tips or tricks are welcomed as well plz help I wanna see this work