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21. Jesus OG Kush The Closet
Los Angeles 2013
Medical Indica

22. Master Yoda

Kush Connection Denver 2013
Mixed Flowers — US

23. Holy Grail Kush

Phenotype Farmers Seattle 2013
Medical Hybrid

24. Loud Cookies

Loud Seeds Denver 2013
Mixed Flowers — US

25. Deathstar

Greenwerkz – Edgewater Denver 2013
Medical Hybrid

26. Hustler Kush

Green Works NW Seattle 2013
Medical Indica

27. White Dawg

Top Dawg Seeds Denver 2013
Mixed Flowers — US

28. Red Dragon

River City Phoenix Los Angeles 2013
Medical Sativa

29. San Andreas OG

Top Shelf Cannabis Collective Seattle 2013
Medical Indica

30. Presidential Kush

The Green Solution Denver 2013
Medical Hybrid

31. SFV OG Kush

The Cali Connection Amsterdam 2012
Medical Indica

32. Golden Goat

Colorado Alternative Medicine Denver 2011
Medical Hybrid

33. Southwest Stomper

Animas Herbal Wellness Center Denver 2013
Medical Hybrid

34. Tiger’s Milk

Strainwise — The Retreat Denver 2013
Medical Hybrid

35. Hello Kitty

Kush Connection Los Angeles 2013
Medical Sativa

36. Kepler 22B Kush

Greenwerkz — Glenwood Springs Denver 2013
Medical Hybrid

37. Aspen OG

Physician Preferred Products Denver 2013
Medical Hybrid

38. Presidential Kush

Colorado Alternative Medicine Denver 2011
Medical Sativa

39. Kosher Kush

DNA Genetics Amsterdam 2011
Medical Indica

40. Kizzle

The Cannasseur Denver 2011
Medical Sativa

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20. G-13 Widow
Biocare Denver 2011
Medical Indica 23.77

2. A-Dub
Southern California Patients Association Los Angeles 2013
Medical Hybrid

3. R-18

Denver Relief Denver 2013
Medical Hybrid

4. Tickle Kush

Greenwerkz – Denver Denver 2013
Medical Hybrid

5. Blue Cookies

TLMD Collective Los Angeles 2013
Medical Hybrid

6. Bruce Banner #3

Artisanal Medicinals Denver 2013
Medical Hybrid

7. OG Ghost Train Haze

Southwest Alternative Care/ Rare Dankness Denver 2011
Medical Sativa

8. Veganic Strawberry Cough

Kushman Genetics Seattle 2013
Mixed Flowers — US

9. Platinum Girl Scout Cookies Private Stock LA

Denver 2013
Mixed Flowers — US

10. Girl Scout Cookies (Thin Mints)

The Cali Connection Seed Company Los Angeles 2013
Medical Hybrid

11. Head Cheese

Blunt Brothers LA Los Angeles 2012
Medical Hybrid

12. Chem Dog

Highland Health Denver 2011
Medical Indica

13. PsychOG

Next Harvest Denver 2013
Mixed Flowers — US

14. SFV Headband

High Level Health — Colfax Denver 2013
Medical Hybrid

15. Banana Kush

Highland Health Denver 2011
Medical Hybrid

16. Matt’s OG

Kushmart Los Angeles 2012
Medical Hybrid

17. Skunkberry

Green Man Cannabis Downtown Denver 2013
Medical Hybrid

18. Rugburn OG by Mark

Rare Dankness Seeds Denver 2013
Mixed Flowers — US

19. Veganic Strawberry Cough

Kushman Genetics Denver 2013
Mixed Flowers — US

Yes, you read that correctly! Our annual review of the world’s most potent cannabis strains — as tested by our partner labs around the globe — has taken another big step forward, raising the bar this year to include only strains that have tested at over 23 percent THC! This represents a significant increase from years past, when the threshold was a mere 20 percent, and it’s surely a testament to our growing culture, legalization efforts and, of course, the cultivation skills and genetics trading of those setting the pace on the new frontiers in Colorado, Washington and California. As an added bonus, and in celebration of HIGH TIMES’ 40th anniversary this year, we’re including an up-to-date list of the 40 Strongest Strains of All Time (which is to say, since we began lab-testing the entries at every one of our Cannabis Cups, covering three years, six different cities and 15 Cups in the US and abroad). Prepare to have your mind blown!
2013: A Record-Setting Year
Aside from 2013 being the first year since 1937 that the possession and recreational use of marijuana for adults 21 and older was legal anywhere in the US (thank you, Colorado), it would appear that the cannabis gods had a couple of other firsts in store for us as well.
For instance, before the Denver ’13 Cup, the strongest strain entry ever tested at any High Times Cannabis Cup was 25.49 percent THC. In 2013,
that record was broken — six times! LA pulled off that trick twice at the Cup there in February, and then Denver did it four times in April, with the heaviest-hitting strain going over 28 percent.
Of course, a major challenge for the competition crew here at HIGH TIMES is maintaining consistency in the lab results reported by our partner labs in the various cities that host our Cup competitions. And you, as a loyal reader, may have noticed (as did the author of this article, who also created HT’s Scorebook rating system) that since the inception of this annual report some three years ago, the THC values we’re reporting have become higher with each passing year.
Of course, with dozens of medical marijuana initiatives, outright legalization in a couple of states, the availability of great grow information and the ease of today’s genetics trade, one might think that this rise in THC potency is inevitable. On the other hand, maintaining consistency among labs in terms of the cannabinoid standards (profiles) they use and the calibration techniques for their equipment — to say nothing of finding qualified personnel — is a difficult task and will certainly account for some variations. But even with all that in mind, we wondered if there would be a new record set every year, or if THC levels would eventually plateau. (For more on these record THC values, see the sidebar on page 78.)
1. Bruce Banner #3 (Strainwise – The Haven)

Bringing a One Month Supply Through New Zealand Customs

Eating cannabis eliminates the risks associated with smoking. Unfortunately once cooked or made into any sort of preparation, cannabis becomes a class b as opposed to a class c controlled substance. So while eliminating risks to the lungs cooking increases the risks to ones freedom quite substantially.

Synthetic Cannabinoids are man made chemicals which activate the cannabinoid receptors and include JHW-018, HU-210 and AM-2201. These products were fully legal in New Zealand from around 2000 to 2013 before becoming strictly regulated under the PSA and then finally prohibited until proven safe. While synthetic cannabinoids were legal many medicinal users reported finding the products offered many of the same medicinal effects as medical marijuana, however most users claim to prefer organic cannabis due to it being natural, more pleasant and already proven safe through thousands of years of use. Whether the synthetic cannabinoids return or not is anyone’s guess. We look forward to stocking future legal psychoactive substances in our smartshop once approved by the MOH.

Hemp seed oil


Unfortunately at the time of writing this article, medical marijuana use is still prohibited in New Zealand. It is currently prohibited to cultivate, process or supply medical marijuana in New Zealand without a license from the minister of health.

When consuming medical marijuana, many users choose to use a vaporizer, as a safer alternative to smoking. Because it is illegal to supply cannabis paraphernalia in New Zealand, our vaporizers are currently not intended for this purpose and sold strictly for use with our legal medicinal herbs.

The France-based South African artist Karl Gietl recalled that “Bill” was irritated by the giggles and whispers during his commentary and brusquely told the one-percenters: “We are going again. And this time listen. And maybe learn.”

Recognised as a master grower, Van der Watt’s insights shifted to the benefits of the legal cannabis market and his domicile became governed by medical and recreational marijuana legalisation.

Uneasy relationship

The underground, says Van der Watt, “teaches you to walk with integrity. You cannot owe anybody a single cent, or done anything to anybody, because you will get taken out or locked up.”

Overregulation “kills the market” and has collapsed Canada’s medical marijuana market, Van der Watt argues. He says in that country, one first needs a doctor’s appointment for a prescription, which is premised on ownership of a valid annual medical card. “Then you pay a heavy premium for it at the pharmacy. Or you can go to a recreational [marijuana] store with your normal ID and buy exactly the same product for half the price. So what are you going to do?”

Cultivating any gendered plant species is replete with complexities, nuance and the opaque. In the recreational and medical cannabis universe all males are generally trash and the female reigns supreme.