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purple star killer marijuana seeds

Star Killer marijuana is a force to be reckoned with – the indica-dominant strain packs a potent THC punch that will take you to next levels of relaxation.

Star Killer marijuana may have derived its name from its parents, but it is a strain that delivers a “killer” high. The THC content can reach upwards of 29%, solidifying its spot among the strongest in the world. Starting off with a buzzing in the head that can develop into blissful euphoria, Star Killer marijuana’s sedative effects creep down through your limbs for a physical numbness that can combat pain and effectively wipe out anxiety and stress that can keep someone from enjoying a restful night sleep.


Possessing the ability to completely calm you from head to toe, Star Killer marijuana has proven a force to be reckoned with and the judges agree: the 70% indica hybrid has taken 1st place four times and been crowned grand champion twice.

The fragrance of Star Killer marijuana is strongly redolent of pine and lemons, an aromatic profile that carries over to its taste, though some consumers are shocked by its distinct skunky flavor. Whether you decide to plant indoors or out, providing Star Killer marijuana seeds with a warm and humid climate can help to guarantee a flavorful and above-average harvest after 9 to 10 weeks of flowering.

Purple Star Killer feminized grows into a condensed plant that happens to be shaggy. Vertical space is never seen to be an issue. Diversely, the lateral spacing requires some supervision, especially if the leaves grow dense. Mainly because of the Afghani ancestry, the seed is highly compassionate and can indulge with the common errors made by beginners. Corrections are still to be promptly done to get a better chance of successful cultivation.

Purple Kush and Star Killer, separately, are excellent Indica hybrids that provide exceptional benefits. Other than the medicinal and hallucinatory effects, both strains are easily cultivated. Amalgamating these two resulted in the creation of a new variety that acquires the unique characteristics of both sides.


I have a nice little greenhouse in the backyard where I grew some of this strain and can produce great yields in just 10 weeks. When I smoke moderately, it helps me improve my mood and gives me a mental boost, and it relieves my tension and relaxes my muscles. This weed has a classic earthy Kush aroma with a sweet, citrusy note that I really enjoy!! Her leaves are varicolored, with beautiful shades of deep purple and green. The dark coloration contrasts nicely with the frosty white resin. Lovely Strain!!

J.milne – March 20, 2021

S. Jacobs – March 24, 2021