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purple puch marijuana seeds

Ready and blink! The Purple Punch is flowering! Okay, so maybe not quite that fast but this beauty strain has a very fast flowering rate of around seven to eight weeks in indoor environments. Outdoors, she’ll be ready to roll by early October and if fall conditions are ideal then it may be more like late September. Who doesn’t like an early harvest?

If you want to buy Purple Punch strain seeds online you may want to consider complementing it with some similar strains. Purple Punch as we know is renowned for its flavors and aromas along with its effects.

Flowering Time

The given name of the strain flows off the tongue better than any nickname it can be given. Perhaps that is why Purple Punch hasn’t garnered any commonly used monikers associated with other cannabis strains. Very much lesser known but very comical is the emerging slang tag “Granddaddy Larry”, after her parents. Try the strain out and see what pet name you come up with.

Purple Punch carries that fresh out of the oven blueberry muffins scent that aromatically beckons our taste buds to the delectable glory that awaits them. Seriously, it’s like walking by a bakery at eight in the morning. Slight notes of vanilla and earthy herbs will permeate the air long after you’ve smoked and help you to settle in the sedative effects.

Possessing Kush genetics makes this strain one of the toughest outdoor strains available. The DNA of this strain originated high up in the Afghan and Hindu Kush mountains which makes it well suited to grow outdoors. It does prefer a warm, dryer climate though and will produce a very generous yield. More northern climates such as the Pacific Northwest can see large yields in late September to early October. Being as durable as it is also makes for a reasonably easy to maintain plant. Regular water, food and trimming will keep her happy and healthy. She will reward you come harvest so remember to show her the love she deserves.

PURPLE PUNCH™ . Barney’s Farm continues to bring you awe-inspiring genetics from around the globe with another USA west coast powerhouse of a strain PURPLE PUNCH™. The delicate fusing of its Indica dominant parents Larry OG x Granddaddy Purple has provided a real tantalising gem. The exquisite smooth sensual tastes of Baked Apple Pie with cloves glazed with caramelised blueberry and cherries blend perfectly with the sedative calming effects that PURPLE PUNCH™ oozes. Expect a Short stocky plant with numerous astonishing trichome laden, high yielding branches just dripping with resin tested at 25% THC. This plant has a serious genetic steroid issue. It will flower in 50-60- days, reach 1.5M outdoors and produce up to 2kg

Content for people of 18 years of age or older, entering is reserved for people at the age of majority. In the Netherlands, the age of majority is 18 years old, check your local laws and respect them. We dispatch our marijuana seeds with the reservation that they will not be used in conflict with national laws. Customers must be aware that cannabis seeds are illegal in some countries. Barneys Farm provides these seeds on condition that they will not be taken to countries where they are illegal. Those doing so are solely responsible for their own actions and Barney’s Farm accepts no responsibility in this regard. Our online store complies with Netherlands law. Seeds are sold strictly for souvenirs, storage and genetic preservation. General legal notice: Germination is illegal in most countries, please check your country's law regarding seeds, paraphernalia and other products related with Cannabis culture.


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Purple Punch by Zamnesia Seeds is a dreamy indica that shines with an exquisite taste and an incredibly relaxing effect. Despite her compact size, this almost pure indica is very easy to grow and can deliver great yields.

Zamnesia Seeds has fused the superb genetics of two famed indica classics, Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple, into a strain that indica fans will love. Out comes Purple Punch, an almost pure indica (90%) that thanks to her growing traits is an ideal plant for indoor cultivation. She grows short and stocky, and with a height of no more than 100cm indoors she can fit even in smaller tents where space can be an issue. Planted outdoors, Purple Punch keeps a manageable size as well, as she won’t get taller than 150cm. She makes up for her compact size by growing a large centre cola, as well as many sizeable side branches that will be brimming with fat buds in no time. In less than 8 weeks of flowering, she can yield you as much as 650g/m² indoors. Outdoors, when grown in good conditions you can see very respectable yields of up to 800g per plant.

Purple Punch (Zamnesia Seeds) feminized

Purple Punch won’t just fill up your bags with some impressive quantities of indica bud. The superb terpene profile of the strain ensures highly aromatic and very resinous flowers, so the strain is also an excellent choice if you want to make concentrates or hash. With 21% of THC she is potent enough to give you a long-lasting effect. Smoke or vape the girl and after just one or two hits you can enjoy an incredibly relaxing and calming body high. The flavour profile of Purple Punch matches her soothing indica effect perfectly. She blends the smooth and sweet taste of baked apple pie with flavours of cloves, caramelised blueberries and cherries, to give you a mouth-watering and all-round highly enjoyable smoke.

If you want a truly outstanding indica that won’t disappoint, Purple Punch by Zamnesia is a top choice!