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purple gift seed for sale marijuana

Looking for a strain that can adjust to your needs? Ringo’s Gift marijuana seeds are the perfect solution. This high CBD strain can be found in different ratios, from 1:1 all the way to 24:1. The higher the CBD content, the more pain and inflammation relief you can expect. It’s no wonder Ringo’s Gift is such a highly praised hybrid in the medical community. This strain can help treat all levels of pain from mild to severe, which includes migraines, muscle tension, and arthritis.

Now, about Ringo’s Gift’s name: while we’d love to claim a Beatles connection, it turns out the strain is named after a breeder who was a huge cannabis advocate and CBD pioneer. In the world of marijuana, it’s easy for CBD to be overlooked thanks to the uplifting and innovating effects of THC. It can be tricky to find a strain with more CBD than THC, meaning you’ll experience limited psychoactive effects but all the pain-relief you could ask for. Smoking Ringo’s Gift is like applying CBD oil to your body.


Ringo’s Gift is a hybrid with impressive CBD levels. The ratio of this strain varies from 1:1 to 24:1 (CBD to THC).

Higher doses of Ringo’s Gift, however, can produce subtle mental stimulation, namely with creativity. You may feel your mind expand to explore new ideas and projects. But for the most part, expect your body to melt into the couch for hours. Ringo’s Gift marijuana seeds can lead to extreme couch lock for most the day, so be sure to clear your schedule beforehand.

Somehow the title “Purple Trainwreck” brings to mind a character from M Night Shyamalan flick, Unbreakable – the image of Mr. Glass in his garish purple suit and the trainwreck he orchestrates in order to uncover others like him. Purple Trainwreck marijuana is a powerhouse strain, but it’s far from evil, instead of promoting happiness and positivity in a fragrant package.

Heavy on THC (usually producing 20% to 25% of this psychedelic cannabinoid), Purple Trainwreck marijuana is as suitable for recreational purposes as it is medical. It’s the kind of hybrid that encourages a bright and lively mood, with colorful cerebral effects and heavy body stone. Its sweet aroma will have you thinking of herbs and berries, with juicy grape and fresh pine. The smoke will leave a strong herbal flavor in your mouth, while delicious shocks of grape and berry underscore its complexity. The perfect combination for treating chronic stress and mood disorders. Medically speaking, Purple Trainwreck is also excellent for reducing inflammation, muscle aches, and joint pain.


High yielding and easy to grow, Purple Trainwreck marijuana seeds are the perfect strain for beginner gardeners looking for lots of flavor and lots of THC.

With well-established roots, Purple Trainwreck marijuana seeds are among the easiest to grow and are favored for their high yields. These plants grow tall and are naturally resistant to common molds and mildew, which helps to solidify their rank among marijuana seeds best suited for growers with little to no cannabis cultivation experience. Indoors, gardeners expect Purple Trainwreck marijuana plants to produce around 18 ounces of bud after 9-11 weeks of flowering. The strain tends to show its true colors when allowed to flourish outdoors, however and can produce a generous average of 25 ounces per plant when kept warm, dry, and away from frost.