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purple gelato marijuana seeds

Breeder: Outlet Cannabis Seeds UK

PURPLE GELATO is a lovely approximately Haze hybrid with buds that are sativa style but semi dense and full of colour. They have an aroma of citrus fruit and cedar while the intense flavour is lemony with hints of pine, incense, sweet fruit and chocolate cookies.

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Height: 100-140cm approximately

Seed Type: Photo Period

Purple Gelato is a new hybrid which is full of colour and packs a punch with Purple Haze, Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet in its genetics.

Purple Gelato is not just tasty and relaxing but also lovely inside and out. It has purple buds and leaves with the flowers oozing with a delicious aroma and gourmet scents. You will love how easy you’ll fall to a blissful state of mind and body with this stunning hybrid strain.

Purple Gelator feminized seed truly is stunning in its visual appeal that complements purple leaves, vibrant orange pistils, and resin-caked buds. Its traits are brought about by meticulous breeding that can last for several generations. This is until finally, the stable phenotype has emerged.

Additional Information

Delicious Having Purple and Impressive Plumage

This Purple Gelato (fem) is delicious as a weed having purple and impressive plumage. This is high in its THC level of at least 15 and a maximum of 19 percent. This is also an Indica-dominant strain that is known for its heavy yields produced. This is a native to California and is named for the display of dessert-like aroma and vibrant purple hues. This is liked for its aroma and gourmet flavors.

This is astounding for its genetics blend resulting in the THC powerhouse. This is also aromatic and tantalizing in its flavors. It is appealing more for its mint, citrus, and sweet berry flavors. This is the same as its ancestors crossing Purple Haze and Gelato.

Speaking of mental stimulation,maybe you are looking for a high-energy strain with a fruit-based flavor. Lemon Pie Regis one such cultivar, but the aroma also has an interesting touch of spice and diesel. It encourages creativity and a healthy appetite, and delivers an invigorating buzz throughout the body. It still has a little splash of Indica genes for soothing the muscles at the end. Note that these are regular seeds, which means that they produce plants that are as close to the mother as possible.

As an Indica-dominant hybrid, the growth pattern is dense and compact. The bushy foliage can be supported by sturdy lateral branches even though the plant grows taller than other Indicas, raising the center of gravity off the ground a couple of meters. Still, it does not hurt to prune the extra leaves and non-essential stems regularly. Doing so gives the plant structural stability. It also ensures that moisture will not accumulate where it is not supposed to.

Regarding Purple Gelato’s aroma, one of the subtle nuances is a whiff of lavender. If that floral perfume appeals to you, then you might want to try Lavender Fem, sometimes misspelled as Lavander. It also has a lovely purplish coloration that partners well with its heavenly effects. With an impressive 20% THC level, it provides deep relaxation that settles into an unparalleled state of bliss. This rarely talked-about strain would be a magnificent supplement to any collection


At the same time, your body will feel loose and relaxed because it soothes tired muscles and melts away tension. Movement is still possible, but you might find yourself wanting to give in to the euphoria by sitting down in your favorite armchair. This is probably a good idea as some users experience psychedelic effects like visual and auditory enhancement. Being in a comfortable and safe environment will lessen the chances of becoming overwhelmed.

Eventually, you will get an attack of the munchies. Prepare some snacks beforehand so that you can eat your fill without interrupting your high. When your hunger has been assuaged, you will start to get drowsy. This somnolence leads to a deep and restful slumber that will reinvigorate you for the next day. Because of this combination of effects, this strain is ideal for evening use.

In spite of Purple Gelato’s reputation as a fun recreational strain, it also has great therapeutic value. In fact, the enticing flavor makes it more palatable for medical marijuana users who are averse to the more pungent strains. Patients prefer it over other calming and mood-lifting Indicas.

Purple Gelato Fem is for the more experienced grower who welcomes a challenge. This strain is somewhat finicky and requires just the right environmental conditions to flourish. It needs a more exact amount of nutrients than other varietals, especially during the late vegetative and early flowering stages. Furthermore, it prefers high humidity, although this makes it more susceptible to some pests and diseases. Nevertheless, the buds are so delectable and of such high quality that they easily justify all the time and effort spent.