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problems germinating marijuana seeds

Customers should make sure that they receive their seeds in the original Mandala Seeds packaging to prevent fraud. We cannot guarantee authentiticy for seeds that have been removed from the sealed Mandala packaging. When you purchase our seeds from a reseller you should receive 1st class seeds: mature, healthy colouring, with well-defined mottled skin. If you get seeds that are tiny, greenish/yellow, scuffed, or immature, these are not original Mandala Seeds!

Jiffy's, peat pellets, and other types of starter plugs with an alkaline pH inhibit germination in cannabis seeds. Some substrates such as coco coir may also be pre-fertilized and have a high EC (salt) level Untreated coco coir contains toxic levels of sodium and chloride. Or they could have been treated with fungicides and pesticides. If you have used a particular product with poor results you should stop using it and switch to rockwool or soil.

What you need to know about growing in soil, how to buy the best soil product, organic additives, etc.

c) This can happen for the same reasons as in b). But there can also be other factors involved. If a heating mat was used the substrate may have been heated up too much. In rockwool a high EC can kill the emerging seedling. Check the EC of your substrate and make sure your EC meter is functioning correctly. A sudden dry spell in the substrate is also lethal at this stage.

Choosing the correct soil for germination and seedlings should not be difficult. However, some growers feel overwhelmed and insecure by the seemingly endless jungle of products, whilst others may live in countries with a very small and unsatisfying range of products. Please refer to our SOIL GUIDE for tips and recommendations.

This is another problem caused by a fungal infection. In this case, the reason for the fungus can be infected soil, high humidity or a waterlogged substrate. The fungus infiltrated and damaged the stem of the seedling, causing it to wither and ultimately to collapse.


There can be many reasons for a fungal infection like poor soil quality, incorrect pH, overwatering, high humidity, poor air circulation or cold temperatures.

Problem: Seedlings Grow Weak And Stretched

GROW TIP: When you water your substrate for germination, use pure pH adjusted water only. Don’t give any nutrients or teas. Seeds or young seedlings won’t require them and giving pure water is the best for promoting healthy root growth.

Tap water with its often high levels of chlorine, fluoride and salts can be another reason for a failed germination. The minerals and salts can stunt the growth of the very sensitive seedling. If you really need to use tap water, fill a bucket with hot water and have it sit outside for a day so the chlorine can evaporate. Even better, use bottled water for germination.

The drawback with these pre-germination methods is that they are very error-prone. The potential problems from these methods like fungus growth or damage to the sensitive tap roots when moving the seed to a new medium are normally outweighing their supposed benefits. Good quality seeds don’t normally require pre-soaking, whether it’s in water or with wet paper towels so that it is recommended that you don’t use these methods. Have your seeds germinate in their final pot, which helps keep your risk down for a higher chance of germination success.

GROW TIP: Promote air circulation when using mini greenhouses. If you look around in seed and garden stores you will see that many of them carry mini greenhouses as a means of achieving a successful germination. As a matter of fact, at Zamnesia, we also recommend using them for the best chances of a high germination rate. A product like the Propagator Pro fits into this category. However, a completely closed mini greenhouse only makes sense if you want to root clones and cuttings. Seeds and young seedlings need good air circulation and a well-aerated growing medium. The only thing that needs to be kept moist is the soil or growing medium. Ambient air humidity is best kept at 50%-80%. If you want to cover up the seed tray for whatever reason, then make sure that the lid is at least half-open for adequate air circulation and humidity levels.