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primo marijuana seeds

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Sour Primo specifications

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Primo is an American slang word that is used to denote premium, top-quality cannabis. The word has risen in popularity in recent years and is now being used by many businesses associated with the cannabis industry such as Primo Farms, Primo Cannabis Marketing, Primo Cannabis Sales, and Primo Medical Delivery service, which delivers medicinal marijuana products to users.

Back in those days, everyone assumed primo seeds came from landrace marijuana strains and would produce robust and healthy plants that would render large buds that produced ample trichomes. Many decades later and primo buds and seeds come from not just landraces, but the many hybrids that have been created with landraces.

Maximum Yield Explains Primo

The term primo first started being used in the 1960s and 1970s when pilgrims and travelers along the historic Hippy Trail started to bring home seeds from the Hindu Kush plants and other marijuana strains. The seeds were considered primo seeds because they were harvested from tough and hardy marijuana plants that were considered primo plants in their native habitats.

Primo cannabis buds usually have an intense aroma and are of a pleasing color. In other words, they don't look dried, browned, and shriveled.

Nowadays, the term 'primo' is commonplace in the cannabis industry and many people enter dispensaries requesting primo cannabis strains, which means top-shelf cannabis.