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Regarding other annual weeds, not all species set seed during the same timeframe. For giant foxtail, mature foxtail seeds are usually produced in late August and peak seed rain occurs from late September through the month of October. Yellow foxtail seed rain can start in early August and continue into late October. Pigweed species can begin to produce mature seed by mid-August, while lambsquarters and ragweed generally do not mature until the month of September. (These timeframes can slightly vary depending on location and environmental conditions.)

If harvesting a field infested with Palmer or waterhemp, make sure to thoroughly clean the combine or chopper before moving to the next field or farm. Consider moving to a field that will be planted to corn next season since better herbicide options exist in that crop to control these weeds. If possible, it is best to harvest contaminated fields last to spend time this winter removing components and doing a comprehensive cleaning of the machine. Since the seeds are very small, it is extremely difficult to remove them, but this is necessary to prevent spread.

If annuals are the target, the primary goal right now would be to prevent seed production. Of extreme importance, monitor the status of Palmer amaranth and waterhemp once the crop is removed. If the plants are not cut low enough new shoots can develop at the nodes and produce viable seed yet this fall. Hopefully, no new Palmer germination flushes or much growth will occur in the coming weeks, but it still could happen if the weather stays mild. Palmer plants do not need to reach a few feet tall to develop a seed head. Even if a plant is less than a foot tall it can still set seeds. Consider applications of 2,4-D, dicamba, Gramoxone, or Liberty if these weed species continue growing or start to germinate after harvest.

Dealing with Perennial Weeds

If perennial weeds (such as pokeweed, horsenettle, smooth groundcherry, Canada thistle, quackgrass, Johnsongrass, and dandelion) or biennial weeds (such as common burdock, wild carrot, and bull thistle) are present after silage harvest, then fall can be an excellent time to manage these.

So, if that pokeweed you have been dealing with during season is still standing and the leaves and stems are not too tattered after harvest, then there is still a great chance to control it yet this fall. Make sure to use adequate herbicide rates, high spray volumes, and get good spray coverage over the plant for effective kill. Favorable air temperatures should be a consideration immediately before, during, and after application. In general, the warmer the better, with daytime high temperatures in the mid-50s at a minimum. Cold nights and cool, cloudy days will reduce and slow the effectiveness of the applications. The more active the weeds are growing, the better the herbicide performance.

However, make sure that the foliage on the weeds appears relatively healthy and capable of absorbing the herbicide spray. In general, allow several days for the weeds to recover from the harvesting process and be actively growing. Plants that have been damaged by insect feeding, drought, harvest equipment, frost, or autumn leaf senescence/drop are not good candidates for fall applications.

Now is the time of year we start to get questions about the possibility of controlling weeds after silage harvest. The answers depend on what kind of weeds are being targeted.

Visualization is a key component of my thinking and learning process. I use mind mapping all the time and while it is a great tool for communicating information to others, it is also an amazing tool for learning and retaining information yourself. I will explain my process below with a specific recent example.

My 3-Step process:

Whether the content is for business and I am seeking actionable takeaways, or a personal “fun” listen such as a history or true crime show, I always listen with a pen-in-hand to take notes that I may want to reference later – which are saved and appropriately tagged in Evernote.

There are a number of digital web-based and mobile apps for mind mapping but I am old school – I prefer my pens, markers and notebooks 🙂

If you’re looking for a solid introduction to mind mapping, I share the following resources with my clients, students and friends:

Why she’s on the list: Gore has told a beautiful, elegant story with her brand The Garden Society. It centers its product lineup on Rosette prerolled flower joints and cannabis-infused chocolate in elegant packaging. Gore speaks to those among us who may have felt no brand was really made for their point of view– The Garden Society came along to put feminine, floral, whimsical cannabis on a pedestal.

Advice: “I fall in love with my career in cannabis over and over again. Even in the face of unbelievable challenges and seemingly constant friction, I am beyond grateful to be a part of building this next phase of this industry with my colleagues. Be curious, dedicated, and patient. We must recognize our privilege to be a part of something that comes along once in a generation. It is our time to be generous with our agency and attention to grow this industry worldwide.”

Telling The Cannabis Story – Zoe Wilder

What she does: Founder and CEO of The Garden Society

Why she’s on the list: Chong is a breath of honest air in the California cannabis industry, of which she is a veteran since founding cannabis and psychedelic image resource Stock Pot Images in 2015. Chong is well-known for her photography, graphic design, art direction, and education. She teaches Marketing and Self-Promotion at the Art Center College of Design and has been an art director at CalArts since 2008. Chong also co-founded Asian Americans for Cannabis Education with Monica Lo and Tiffany Wu in 2015. Her latest venture Mogu.Care, founded in 2020, specializes in innovative growing products for “adaptogens and in the future entheogens.”

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