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planting marijuana seeds straight in your growing medium

Use a spray bottle to moisten the paper towels and then store the cushioned seeds between two plates, under a face-down bowl, or gently place them in a plastic bag. Maintain a temperature of about 72 degrees Fahrenheit, keeping the paper towel wrapped seeds in the dark and away from a windowsill. In two to five days, the seeds will pop inside the paper towel sandwich and emit tiny roots, ready to plant when they reach about five millimeters in length.

The environment in which seeds germinate also plays a role in the outcome. While there are several different germination methods, each requires proper moisture, minimal handling, and warm springtime temperatures between 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit.

So, you’ve decided to grow your own cannabis plants. You purchased a pack of seeds, assembled cultivation materials, cleared a space in your garden, and are ready to grow your first cannabis crop . With everything in hand, it’s time to begin the very first step of cannabis cultivation : germinating seeds.

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Soil is an easy, more natural method with which to germinate your cannabis seeds. The soil protects the fragile roots from any interference, and soil is, after all, where a cannabis plant would grow in the wild.

The seeds should start sprouting in about two days, though older seeds can take up to a week to sprout. You can remove them from the water and place them in the soil at any point once they’ve sprouted. Once the roots are about five millimeters long, they need to be planted.

To germinate seeds this way, lay one paper towel on top of a countertop, place a few seeds, and cover them with a second paper towel.

When the seedling stems reach two to four inches in height, it’s time to transplant your cannabis into larger pots with more room for roots to spread down and out. After you’ve done this, you’ve successfully germinated your cannabis seeds into proper, young plants.

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I’m not a big fan of these last two methods, I worry about bleach or other chemicals in the paper towel, or the tape root growing too far out, as touching the tape root, or the tiny root hairs can cause problems. But, if your seed is old, or not particularly viable for whatever reason, these methods can be a time saver.

If you are using fresh, viable seed, you should have nearly 100% germination using this method.

You can plant your seed in small starter pots, or go straight into their forever home. It’s really up to you, if you are nervous about transplanting I would go for the bigger pot. I am also a fan of those little peat pots that you soak in water before planting.

How deep should you plant your seed? The rule of thumb is twice the diameter of the seed. For cannabis this is about 1/4 inch. This is the depth I usually plant mine. I’ve read some say one inch, but I have always felt this is just too deep. Be aware planting them shallower will mean moistening them more often.

This is my favorite way to germinate my cannabis seed. The way cannabis seeds have sprouted for eons. As ‘natural’ as nature itself!

The third method for sprouting your cannabis seeds we will discuss is the soaking method. This method is particularly handy for the harder shelled, or older, cannabis seeds, and as you can see them, it’s easy to monitor. Simply place your seeds into a glass of water at room temperature. Allow the cannabis seed to soak for up to 32 hours. Any longer then that, and you run the risk of drowning your seeds before they germinate.

Cannabis plants (that plant we all love) are dioecious, that is, they can develop into a male, a female, or a hermaphrodite (showing traits of both sexes.) This means that during flowering the cannabis plant can produce female flowers, male flowers, or female plants that produce pollen producing flowers that lack the Y chromosome….resulting in only female plants, and is the ‘secret’ to feminized cannabis seed. Hermaphrodites are the bane of marijuana growers everywhere, as this can make growing sinsemillia difficult.