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planting marijuana seeds in winter

This leads to another question: How cold can cannabis plants get before problems arise? Well, to answer that question, we first have to consider the perfect temperature for cannabis plants.

There are 2 main concerns when it comes to growing cannabis in cold weather or winter. The first is shock to the plant’s root systems.

Getting That Extra Late (Or Early)-Season Crop

Mold is the second major concern when growing cannabis in cold weather, especially if there’s moisture in the air.

Flowering with HPS lighting and vegging with MH bulbs usually requires serious air cooling. The old school grower can turn cold weather to his/her advantage and save some cash on the air conditioning bill at the same time. Some even add extra lights to boost yields when the weather gets cooler.

High RH may also be an issue with LED systems in cold weather, a dehumidifier may also need to be added to the grow show and definitely during the bloom phase.

However, that’s probably not the answer you were looking for when you landed on this article—chances are you want to know whether you can grow cannabis outdoors in winter. And the answer is still yes, given you live in an area with mild winters. Here are five key considerations every wintertime grower must reckon with:

Selecting the right genetics is always important when growing cannabis. But when you’re planning an outdoor grow, finding the right strain can truly make or break your harvest.


This unique auto combines Purple Kush with autoflowering genetics from Russia. The result is a really beautiful plant that develops dark purple, almost black buds. The smell and taste of this strain are very reminiscent of Purple Kush, and it delivers a knockout, Kush-style stone. Thanks to its genetics, Taison Auto is really hardy and well-suited to cold climates, making it an ideal winter grow.

Try to plant as soon as possible to avoid the harshest months of winter snow and rain.

Once your plants are mature, they’ll be much more hardy. But during the seedling phase, and the first few weeks of veg, cannabis plants are quite fragile. If your location gets a lot of rain in winter, consider moving your plants indoors during consecutive rainy days, or keeping them under some kind of cover like a tarpaulin.