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places to hide marijuana seeds for travel

its probably unnecessary but i take a razor blade and from the inside of your jeans cut a slit in the waistline hem. it makes a tight little tubular pocket and i have been searched dozens of times with things in there and have never had someone find it. in luggage or not.

although should the slight odor on the seeds be an issue?
can dogs find the scent?


Cheap ball point Bic pen. Remove and discard ink tube and then clean out all residual ink from ball point insert and replace. Remove capper from the other end of the pen and fill pen tube with seeds. Replace capper and place pen in your pocket or bag.

If you really want to get cute. Buy yourself a two-pack of those huge and relatively inexpensive ball point pens for people with big ass hands and fill them sumbitches up. There is so much room in those babies you can leave the ink tube intact.

Im not giving him a detailed instructions about how to package pounds for shipping. its just a nifty little trick.

If they are inside a sealed balloon they will be fine and they only need to be in your mouth at the inspection points.

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one time my friend flew back from holland to the US with seeds and this is how he did it.

He made a small cut in the bottom of his shorts and slid the seeds in and sowed the small hole back up. The area at the bottom where he placed his seeds acted as a very stealth hidden pocket

seeds are easy to move around dont worry about it. just dont push your luck and try to bring some stinky nugs back