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Doug – November 29, 2017

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NCascadeSolo – October 31, 2016

23 reviews for Dark Helmet

Enrico Filippelli (verified owner) – November 23, 2016

John – November 10, 2016

They arrived quickly. I started 3 and got an easy trimming looker that yielded and was sparkly, but almost no smell or taste. Just nothing there.
The second one is purely fuel/gas and could pass for a diesel type, it’s great and a keeper, but…
The third is absolutely 7up weed! Some buds taste exactly like 7up and others taste like a real cookie. So when I go to smoke, it’s like will I get a 7up or a cookie? Simply amazing. You need to find the right one in your pheno hunt, but it’s in there. I never thought I’d smoke weed that tastes like 7up and cookies. It is real.

Growers can expect very dense and frosty bud sites with a limey, sugar cookie terpene profile.

People don’t realize how much you grind. You started in the underground and now you’re back to the underground once again, but thriving.

What are the things business-wise are you working people don’t know about?

Most of these other artists, when they sell platinum, they go to people’s towns and try to not spend no more money in the community but you know me, I’m going to the barbershop! I’m just Hollyhood, not Hollywood man. The Screwed Up Click always had a lot of Latino fans and stuff, so I did music with artists like South Park Mexican, you know what I’m saying. We had two songs on my album and we also did a movie together called H-Town Mob. I just got fans of every race and in areas that others can’t go to. I got fans of every race.

Do you have any strains, any medical marijuana products coming out?

I used to do scenery when I was young because that’s what everybody had in their restaurants: mountains, boats and water. I got burnt out on that. Then I got hooked on all characters, cartoon characters and I got burned out on that. Now I’m not doing abstract— doing “Flipstract.”