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paradise marijuana seeds

Cannabis seeds of Paradise seeds are qualified for medicinal use. The types of weeds can help to relieve pain, induce appetite and reduce nausea. In addition, other ailments can also be treated for people who need medical marijuana to be able to cope with certain illnesses or conditions.

Most types of Paradise Seeds are strong and tough F1 cannabis hybrids as a result of crossing stable strains. These strains are designed to be grown indoors, apart from their Sweet-purple seeds, which are specifically designed to grow outdoors in colder and more humid areas. Paradise Seeds crosses her strains to reach an optimal amount of THC and offers many different amounts of THC.

All seeds are produced organically. The process of pollination is often difficult and has high criteria to ensure the best quality and to ensure a strict separation between male and female plants. After the seeds are produced, only the best seeds are handpicked and premature seeds are discarded. After this strict selection, germination and viability are tested. This way, fresh and living seeds have the potential to grow out into plants of the finest quality. Under the right growing conditions, the seeds have a germination rate of 95%.

The benefits of Paradise Seeds

Paradise Seeds is a leading cannabis seed bank that has grown some of the world ‘s most popular genetics since their start in Amsterdam in 1994. They have one big goal: to select the very best genetics to cross and breed varieties of the most potent cannabis plants. As the quality of imported weed was not satisfying, Paradise Seeds started to investigate how to increase quality and to create better weed with a sweet / spicy taste and a stronger high. Consequently, they became involved in the early study of the various cannabis strains. With more than 25 years of experience in growing, experimenting and testing cannabis, they are proud that their strains have the same quality time and time again. They continue to innovate by working with Chongs choice and using the famous American genetics. Dutch cannabis is highly regarded and Paradise Seeds play a large role.

The amount of THC in a plant, the main active ingredient of cannabis, determines how strong the effect is. The given THC percentage is an estimate, because the plants never grow under the same conditions. The THC percentage may even differ in the same strain but will always contain between the given estimates for that particular strain. The highest percentage of THC can be obtained in plants that grow in the most optimal conditions.

These seeds are the real deal. The genetics collection is substantial, and always constant. Paradise Seeds has won over 25 Cannabis Cups over the years and has received some honorable mentions such as the Plant of the Year 2003 for the Sensi Star (High Times Magazine). It is not without reason that the quality you get with Paradise Seeds is one of the finest cannabis currently available on the market.

Order Paradise Seeds from Amsterdam Seed Center
Paradise Seeds are intended for growers who demand nothing less than superior and authentic seeds. We are proud to have Paradise Seeds, the Dutch champion in genetics, in our collection.

Paradise Seeds are constantly running numerous breeding programs to ensure that new strains are in development all the time.

There is a handful of strains that have retained their popularity since they were first released into the Paradise Seeds collection. Wappa is definitely a favourite for its all-round performance, and of course Sensi Star has been a big favorite and is a multiple cup winner. As for Auto’s, their Pandora and Auto Wappa are very popular. While some of Paradise Seeds more recent varieties, the Durga Mata ll CBD and Nebula ll CBD strains have been well received by medical users with their high CBD content.

The demand for Luc’s seeds grew so much that in 1994, he officially established Paradise Seeds. The company began with 5 official strains – including Dutch Dragon and Sensi Star. The aim of the company has always been to produce cannabis strains that combine potency with flavour and taste.

Since their humble beginnings, Paradise Seeds have invested in building up a strong strain base, selecting and crossing only the best plants from the many thousands they have grown over the years.

The famous breeders also contribute to the medical cannabis industry through many charitable projects like the Daya Foundation and the Medical Cannabis Bike Tour.

Paradise Seeds was born in Amsterdam in 1994 although founder of the company, Luc, started collecting seeds for a few years before. The seeds were brought to him by friends returning from travels to cannabis hot spots in India, Colombia, Africa and Afghanistan. He began to experiment and by the early Nineties, Luc’s seeds were attracting the attention of growers and smokers alike in Amsterdam.

Paradise Seeds are one of the most awarded seed banks in history and they not only have a large trophy cabinet, but a large selection of superb strains, all of which you can buy from Seedsman.