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papaya feminized marijuana seeds

Papaya Feminized is a beautifully aromatic hybrid that is rich in an exotic sweet, peppery spices resembling Papaya fruit. A well balanced indica and sativa with an effect that is perfect for daytimes. Better suited for growers with experience, she will flower in in 9-10 weeks and produce an abundance of orange pistils, finishing at a medium height.

THC levels will range from 13-18% making her a great choice for smokers with a low tolerance, and those in search of a day time smoke. Yields can reach 350 – 450 g/m² when grown in a Sea of Green where she will produce, light, fluffy buds dripping in trichomes.

When smoking a joint of this strain, the taste is deep and similar to fresh fruit and spices. Wonderfully complex and long lasting, accompanied by the upbeat, clear minded effect she is ideal for social scenarios, smokers who enjoy well balanced effects and morning and day time use. Medical patients may find she is useful for relieving nausea, increasing energy levels, focus and clarity and increased appetite.

Genetics: This exotic fruity hybrid was created by crossing Citral x Ice.We were able to create an equally balanced hybrid with an enhanced terpene profile and maintain the plant resistance meaning she performs very well outdoors in all climates. She is more challenging to grow than either of her parents, and reacts extremely well to plant training.

Experiencing this strain: Her effects are a pleasant mixture of cerebral and physical, making her one of the best daytime smokes you can grow. At first the high is clear, focused and energized shortly followed by a mild physical buzz that is not overwhelming or sleepy. Papaya Feminized is a great way to kick start the day along with a fruit smoothie.

The flavor of Papaya marijuana belies its potency – a fact that those with little to no experience toking weed should be aware of.

Not every cannabis strain tastes and smells as good as its name, but Papaya marijuana is a potent example of terpenes at their absolute best – fruity delicious with a sky high THC content for both medicinal and recreational consumers.


Anyone encountering Papaya marijuana for the first time is taken aback by just how closely it resembles the aroma and flavor of the fruit it is named after. A burst of sweetness and mango, with a hint of earth and skunk when burned to temper its tropical nature. Smoke it, you’ll notice the same, although it finishes with a touch of pepper and other exotic herbs.

Papaya marijuana plants can feature anywhere between 15% and 25% THC, obviously a benefit for recreational consumers, but patients have found Papaya to have its own medicinal value: it’s successfully been employed to control symptoms of stress and depression, as well as chronic pain, and sleeplessness in insomniacs (despite getting the creative juices flowing, it is highly sedative and an excellent option for evening and nighttime use).

Strongly redolent of the fruit for which it bears the name, Papaya marijuana is a powerful mind and body high that will induce a happy euphoria and heightened energy in the consumer, along with a creative focus that allows you to feel productive yet calm. Drawing heavily on its indica heritage, there is a body-lock sensation that can lead to lethargy, couch-lock, and a serious case of the munchies.

Our Papaya feminized seeds are known for their early flowering and high yields that they offer at the end of harvesting. These fast growing cannabis seeds are also disease resistant making it a good choice even for the beginner growers. The plants are heavy and short, which make them a suitable one for the process of Sea of Green gardens. The aroma coming from these plants is very similar to whiskey pipe tobacco. The exotic aroma is accompanied with a lethargic, narcotic but a relaxing full body stone.

Papaya feminized seeds are wonderful if you like the sweet sticky kinds of cannabis, they really live up to their name.

During growth phases, you experience sweet and spicy taste that is an indication of the quality of seeds that you would have in your hands. Their strong characteristics make them resistant to diseases, and molds.

These seeds are known to grow excellently well even in indoor conditions but you can get the best of these Papaya seeds when they are grown outdoors but in either case they surprise you with huge yield, and as a grower you can hope to laugh your way to the banks.

The flowers of these seeds grow in 8 to 11 weeks and have a strong THC level of 15-20%. The best months for harvesting them are August and September. You experience a full bush of sweet Indica strains that are filled with sticky crystal buds that smell promising and exciting to say the least.