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Paying by Zelle in the USA and by e-transfer in Canada will save you from giving transaction fees. With a visa and Mastercard both, you will have to pay an 8.5% transaction fee.

People who buy from pacific seed banks are satisfied with their seeds and delivery times. They seem to have a great team working on sourcing seeds and sending them out to the customers.

On their website, you can sort out marijuana strains based on things like plant height, growing difficulty, taste, aroma, CBD levels, THC levels, and their medical benefits.

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They have a huge collection when it comes to different types of cannabis seeds. They have three main categories, as follows:

All the seeds that do not germinate will be replaced by them for free . Note that you need to have more than one non germinated seed, having one only bad seed will not qualify for this.

Many people who order from this site eventually get seeds, but the strains and quality is questionable (they are old seeds that don’t germinate) and some customers have said they received grape seeds after ordering marijuana seeds.. And for the rest of us, they just take your money and never actually send the seeds. This is not a legitimate company, they misrepresent themselves on their website, steal your money, and the seeds they sometimes eventually mail out, are complete garbage.

They will not be responsible if your post-service loses/damages the package. So, unfortunately, no delivery guarantee for the customers.

Freebies – Use a Pacific Seed Bank coupon to save on your purchase. They do not offer free seeds when you order like many other online stores.

Payment Methods – Payment can be made via Mail order, Zelle and Interac eTransfer (in Canada). Most major credit and debit cards are accepted including Visa and Mastercard. Card payments incur an 8.5% transaction fee so factor this into your purchase. Cryptocurrency can also be used including Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum.

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What Do Their Customers Say?

As Pacific Seed Bank gets under way there are very few customer reviews available. Forum sites include mentions and reports on the varieties available. There are concerns raised regards seed quality and communication, balanced against other comments they could be explained as early teething troubles. We will wait and see then update later this section later.

Pacific Seed Bank is run by a group of horticulturists, medical professionals and business aficionados. They spent the last twenty years tracking down the best seeds for their collection of over 150 strains.

Pacific Seed Bank provide seeds to the beginner grower and the larger professional operations alike. They have strong beliefs in the benefits of marijuana. The team use this passion and knowledge to get the best deals from top breeders.

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If they’re selling bunk or are frauds it will soon be known.
I’m waiting on an order too. Starting to get antsy, but at least they’ve responded to my inquiry and said they are swamped with orders etc.

So they’re dusting S1s with "reversed pollen" and selling the resultant seeds ? Anybody know if that’s the case?

For instance they list Pine Apple Chunk on their site. I’m pretty sure the "real" Pine Apple Chunk is only from Barney’s Farm. If they used a real Pine Apple chunk from Barney’s stock and reversed them to make seeds it’s no different than if a grower did it at home. the plant won’t care and neither will most end consumers. The only way to tell is to grow it out. It’s what’s inside the seed package that counts.


If people are lucky, the feminized seeds they have are at least made from "the real thing" .

I probably will order something I’m familiar with and see if it’s "the real thing".

Probably going to be cautious when I pop the seeds (if I get them) though and keep some other known producers going in the grow tent, not real interested in growing a bunch of hemp.

If they’re selling bunk or are frauds it will soon be known.
I’m waiting on an order too. Starting to get antsy, but at least they’ve responded to my inquiry and said they are swamped with orders etc.