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pacific frost marijuana seeds

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HELLEBORUS argutifolius ‘Pacific Frost’

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Master Growing Technique

High-tech Indoor Growing Facility

Pacific Frost Farms is a premium craft cannabis producer located in the Pacific Northwest. Our high-tech indoor growing facility was designed to cultivate small-batch cannabis under strict environmental controls and in a sustainable manner. Our cultivation rooms are completely sealed and each growth stage, from seed to flower, is closely monitored by Pacific Frost Farm’s Grow Team to ensure optimal plant performance during the life cycle.


At harvest we hang our plants upside down in a environmentally controlled cellar and dry for 10-14 days. Temperature, and humidity are constantly monitored to ensure optimal moisture stabilization. Post-harvest preparation of the flower is designed to increase flavor, quality, and preservation. After the buds are hand trimmed, we allow all of our strains to cure for at least 21 days. Our growing methodology, quality standards and attention to detail ensures that we provide premium quality cannabis to the market that stimulates the mind, excites the taste buds, and has a smooth natural finish.