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Whether the seeds found in buds are feminized or not depends on the source of the pollination. If the pollen was from a male plant, the seeds will be regular, meaning that the ratio of male to female plants will be around 50/50. But if the source of the pollen were male flowers (hermies) from the same plant or another female/hermie plant in the garden, the resulting bag seeds are feminized. Please note that such seeds are also very prone to become hermies if you subject them to stress.

If the buds HAVE been pollinated, then why the f… they are making me high?!

So, if you ask yourself: “Can I grow bag seeds?”, the answer is always ‘yes’. Can bag seeds grow good weed? Well, it’s another question. Read on.

Are All Bag Seeds Hermies?

Having said that, a bag seed can be a real gem. You probably have heard stories of first rate strains that have been bred from seeds found in a bag of buds. One example is the famous Cinderella. It would be an irreparable loss for the marijuana growing community if the breeders of this masterpiece simply sneered at those seeds and threw them away.

Most female plants can become hermies if you subject them to stress. It all depends on the amount of stress needed before you see male flowers in your female buds. If the buds have been pollinated by a male (see above), they will show more stability. If they have been pollinated by a hermie, watch out because even the least amount of stress can make such plants ‘turn to the dark side’.

Fem plants produce seeds just like any other type of plant (if you pollinate them). It doesn’t matter whether you have grown a plant from fem seeds or regular. Neither type is infertile. Of course, bud growers do everything they can to produce buds without seeds, but shit happens, doesn’t it?

And if it was a feminized plant, is it normal for feminized plants to produce seeds?

Growing marijuana outdoors is, according to many growers, the most eco-friendly thing to do because the plant is grown in its natural environment. Whether you decide to do so in your garden, balcony or in the wild, everyone loves a bit of fresh air and so do they. However, when the time to select the container for our cannabis plants comes, doubts start to crop up: are traditional pots the best choice or is it better to use the increasingly popular Grow Bags? Should we just forget about the containers and grow our plants directly in the soil? For all of you who are a bit hesitant, we have prepared this post with the pros and cons of each method.

In this area, soil loses out. Remember that if you grow your plants directly in the soil, in no case will you be able to move them. This doesn’t mean your little plants will have to deal with the elements (rain, cold, hail…), and that you won’t be able to protect them. Please, keep in mind the environmental conditions of your region before choosing this method.

Pots vs Grow Bags: advantages and disadvantages

Here’s where pots win the game, above all, when we decide to grow our cannabis plants in pots of at least 10 liters. Under these circumstances, Grow Bags can be rather difficult to move because the fabric is not rigid enough and the risk of tearing is very high. That’s why we do not recommend using this kind of containers when you’ll have to move your plants from side to side. For those cases, pots are the best choice. If you’re thinking about cultivating on your balcony or maybe in your garden, pots allow you to move the plant as you please. This option is especially suitable for city balconies where making the most of the available sunlight is a priority, although we shouldn’t do this very often for the plant not to get stressed. Another reason why we may have to move our plants would be for protecting them from inclement weather conditions (heavy rainfall, hail…).

This could be a major advantage or disadvantage for those who wish to grow in loamy soils. Using pots allows you to control the development of the rooting system and, therefore, the plant’s size. The bigger the pot, the bigger our cannabis plants will be. If we grow them directly in the soil, our plants have no boundaries and so they’ll be able to grow freely, which means that, depending on the strain, they could end up turning into real trees. That’s why this could be positive if you’re looking for heavy yields but negative if you’ve got nosy neighbors and wish to grow discreetly.

Growing directly in the soil is the most natural and ecological way to obtain delicious nuggets. But this method also has its pros and cons. If you’re a bit unsure whether to use a container or grow your cannabis seeds directly in the soil, keep on reading and find out what’s best for you.