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oregon dank marijuana seed

Sky Blue Durban (f1) fem Jager X Skywalker X Royal Blue Durban

Sky Manna (f1) fem Jager X Skywalker X Manna Gooey

Sky Blue Diesel (f1) fem Jager X Skywalker X Royal Blue Sour Diesel

Blue Kali (f3) regular Blueberry X Shoe Polish X Purple Kush X Kali Mist.

Oregon Sky(s1) fem Jager X Skywalker X Jager X Skywalker

Sky Blue Kali (f1) fem Jager X Skywalker X Blue Kali

Wholesale Seed Prices for dispensaries and licensed farms: Packaged in 5’s and 10’s $5 per seed.
100 to 1,000 $4.00 over 1,000 $3.50 over 3,000 $3.00 over 5,000 $2.50 over 10,000 $2.00 per seed.

With a little bit of Oregon Diesel in your system, you’ll be able to peacefully and happily fall asleep without worries or anxieties hanging over your head. This indica does a great job of keeping negative thoughts at bay as you eyelids begin to feel heavy. With THC levels around 22%, Oregon Diesel does better in the hands and pipes of experienced smokers. Novice users may find to couchlock effects too overwhelming.

Good luck staying awake after smoking Oregon Diesel. This almost-pure indica is famous for putting users to sleep with a smile on their faces. The effects are both happy and peaceful, and almost always lead to couchlock.

Do you ever feel like there are days when you just can’t win? You start the morning with a coffee stain on your shirt, then your boss yells at you, and finally, there’s a crash on the freeway so you’re home three hours later than usual. During times like this, you’ll be glad you bought Oregon Diesel marijuana seeds. This almost pure indica (90/10) is every busy worker’s dream.


If you’ve ever been to Oregon, you know that it’s a green state packed with pine trees and gorgeous nature scenes. Oregon Diesel marijuana seeds capture that same essence in their pine-like aroma. These marijuana plants come with an earthy and diesel smell. The nugs are typically round, dense, and covered in trichomes and small orange hairs. Good luck staying awake after smoking this stuff!