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Exotic aromatics like Compound’s Purple Apricot —a delicious citrus treat—have been making their way to Oregon dispensaries in flower form over the last year, and from what we’ve seen, we’d be proud to run Compound’s gear in our tents.

Archive Seed Bank is commonly regarded in grower and breeder circles as one of the industry’s leading genetic preservationist collectives. For decades, the network of growers and seed makers have gathered rare, elite, and difficult-to-locate clone-only cuts—going direct to a chemovar’s verified originator to gather legit examples of some of the finest weed in the world.

To make these clone-only exotics available in seed form, Archive’s original breeding stud was a backcrossed Face/Off OG male known for imparting deep fuel terps and potent THC concentrations. Numerous connoisseur-quality chemovars have been conceived in Archive’s stables using this male’s pollen—perhaps most recognizably, modern-cannabis classic Do-Si-Dos.

Dynasty Genetics

Compound is at the edge of this future, analyzing and breeding for uncommon cannabinoid and terpene combinations, while upholding aroma and flavor as central pillars to the seeds they make.

Dynasty Genetics ’ breeding program dates back to the 1990s when Professor P, Dynasty’s founder and proprietor, began crossing heritage Oregon strains like the Blue Magoo to create flowers with pain-relief properties for a friend. It wasn’t long before the Professor found himself developing cannabis alternatives for a variety of medical conditions.

But when this lucky cross began taking home cups at local medical competitions, Odie’s in-house genetics became in-demand amongst those in the know. Eventually, Odie folded his Oregon Diesel into heritage favorites of the Pacific Northwest, like Trainwreck—resulting in Tardis —and these delicacies were distributed by third-party wholesalers and retailers.

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If there was ever a strain whose genes should be preserved and placed in the hall of fame, its Durban Poison. Where do we even begin with this landrace strain? It is one of the original OG’s of strains and delivers with a lively high and heavy-hitting THC levels. Named after the vibrant port city of Durban on South Africa’s East coast, you will be scant to find a South African cannabis enthusiast who has never heard of this strain. Dubbed by locals as ‘DP,’ this is a strain that should be at the top of your bucket list.

This strain is a stunner, that’s for sure. With mature buds frosting out with dank candy grape colored buds, this pretty purple plant packs a punch. As you can expect, Purple Punch tastes of grape-flavored candy and promotes a more indica approach. You can expect a relaxing experience, perfect for mellow evenings after work.

Blue Dream is one of the most popular strains in Oregon. But Oregon is not unique in their love for Blue Dream; it is a strain that is popular with marijuana industries all around the world.
What makes this strain so popular? Well, the name says it all; it is a sweet and tasty smoke that has delicious berry flavors. Coming from classic parent strains Haze and Blueberry, it comes as no surprise that Blue Dream will leave you feeling like you are in a relaxed, euphoric state with crystal clear awareness.

6. Sour Diesel

First things first, let’s get the issue of legality out of the way. Is it legal to buy cannabis seeds in Oregon?

Before you even think about planting quality seeds, you should know how to identify them first.
The seed’s physical appearance is your first clue in knowing whether or not you have purchased cannabis seeds.

The Jack Herer strain is an all-time favorite. This classic strain is crafted from Northern Lights #5, Shiva Skunk, and Haze. You can expect this strain to give you an upbeat cerebral tinkle, with spicy flavors dancing on your palette. There couldn’t be a better strain to pair with Oregon creatives.

So, you can see that you should invest in weed seeds that are both healthy and the perfect age.

The history of Oregon is incredible for weed, but it was spooky and dangerous back in the 1900s. The State Capitol of Salem as well as Portland have a macabre past and you can find out about it on a ghost tour that takes you on a paranormal adventure of the last 150 years. There are plenty of creepy tours that will walk you through famous murders, kidnappings, and organized crimes. Dare to check out the sordid tales of prostitution and drugs that once surrounded these city’s dark history. Get inspired by all of their stories and while you are at it, check out their many local dispensaries for a quick pre-rolled blunt. Light up after the ghost tour though, so you do not get too paranoid after hearing about all of the scary spirits.

To see just how dense and magical your weed can be while growing in this epic state, check out the awesome Crater Lake. It is the deepest lake in the US and is the pride and joy of all those who live here. Spend the day at this national park, with all of the scenic views this incredible region has to offer. At 1,943 feet deep, try to touch the bottom if you dare. Spend the day at the lake and come home to the beautiful plants you are growing indoors, or out, as this dense, rainforest climate is incredible for growing great weed, as long as you are not growing in the winter months. Legally you are allowed to grow 4 plants recreationally and own 10 seeds in total, which is more than enough weed if you are growing for yourself.

Marijuana seeds are perfectly legal in this green state. You can grow up to 4 plants and own 10 seeds but any more than this can result in confiscation. Check us out and order online today through, as we are a trusted and respectable website, with all of the growing information you need to grow your own incredible weed in Oregon.

Can you legally use Cannabis in Oregon?

Indigenous nations have settled in what we know now as Portland for thousands of years, and the people truly knew how to utilize this incredible place for ultimate growth potential for crops, thanks to its fertile soil. Explorers and settlers started to find this jewel state in the early 1500s, and in 1843, became an autonomous government making it the 33rd state of America. Oregon has grown impressively and is now home to 4 million people, making it the 27th largest population in the US.

There are many reasons while residents of Oregon will tell you it is the best state in America. Beer lovers enjoy the fact that Portland has more breweries than any other city in the world. Oregonians may disagree about which craft beer is the best, but one thing they can agree on is that Oregon is hands down the best state. The folks who live in Oregon appreciate the abundance of natural beauty and breathtaking views. A stunning example of the natural beauty Oregon has to offer is Multnomah Falls. It is Oregon’s tallest waterfall and the second tallest year-round waterfall in all of the nation. Probably the best part about this state is how much its residents enjoy their marijuana! Indulging in some dank weed that was harvested from plants you grew is totally legal here. What a way to send you off on your glorious day. If you want to find out more on how to grow and buy your seeds, check out for more today.

Growing in Oregon has never been easier. The progressive state legalized the use of growing your own sweet plants at home and you are allowed up to 4 plants and 10 seeds. At Weed Seeds USA, we have all you need for growing strong 710 Seeds that once harvested, trimmed, dried, and hung, can be used as concentrates for oils, and shatter.

The highest point in Oregon is Mount Hood, which is also one of the best national parks in the state. Mount Hood is an active volcano and the last activity occurred in 1907. This volcano offers many tourist activities, from tours to skiing and snowboarding. Oregon is also home to the world’s single largest organism in the world, the Armillaria Ostoyae, which is an impressively large fungus, that runs beneath 2,200 acres of the mesmerizing Malheur National Forest.