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Why is it that most painkillers make us feel drowsy and tired? There has to be a way to combine pain relief with moderate energy levels to keep us focused and concentrated throughout the day — and there is! Island Sweet Skunk Autoflowering marijuana seeds are a great way to combat pain without falling asleep at your work desk. This 80% sativa is native to Vancouver Island in British Columbia, where it’s been cultivated for decades.

Since most over-the-counter painkillers come with sedative effects, medical patients are going to love the effects of Island Sweet Skunk Auto. This sativa can be a great way to switch from toxic painkillers to something all-natural, but be sure to consult your doctor beforehand. Island Sweet Skunk Auto may be effective daytime medication for minor aches, arthritis, nausea, and appetite loss. Not to mention, this strain’s THC levels of 19% can effectively lighten the mood and create a happier sense of self.

This daytime painkiller keeps your mind clear, focused, and concentrated without any symptoms of fatigue. Island Sweet Skunk marijuana seeds are a great remedy for pain, depression, and anxiety.


Island Sweet Skunk Auto is said to be a happy, feel-good strain that can alleviate symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress. This daytime smoke also increases brain function and creativity, making it a classic pre-work choice for many 9-5ers. Island Sweet Skunk Autoflowering marijuana seeds do well both indoors and outdoors. Outdoor growing may be more suitable as these plants can grow high and wide.

Offering an uplifting and energetic high, Island Sweet Skunk marijuana is a widely requested medical strain, often prescribed for treating conditions like depression and anxiety – if it was around in the 80s you might consider it a mascot of sorts for that Bobby McFerrin chart topper “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”. In fact, the effects of this strain are so versatile it has been used to help soothe nausea, reduce chronic pain, and fatigue, and relieve aches and pains associated with back pain, muscle spasms and headaches. effects are far reaching, and can also help soothe nausea,

Blame the name on the aroma of Island Sweet Skunk weed, which is fruity and pungent, redolent of an island in the sun, some say. Energizing and unwinding, it’s the embodiment of a tropical vacation. Island Sweet Skunk feminized marijuana seeds are surprisingly high yielding – upwards of 1000 grams per plant, and you don’t even have to be a master gardener! Beginner growers can have just as much success, as long as they pay close attention to humidity levels (it prefers around 50%).

A tropical-inspired cannabis strain originating out of Canada, Island Sweet Skunk delivers potent medication on a puff of citrus-flavored smoke. Even beginner growers can produce an impressive harvest from these easy-to-grow marijuana seeds.


Island Sweet Skunk

Though its name suggests a tropical heritage, Island Sweet Skunk marijuana actually originated north of the equator. A native of Canada, this sativa-dominant cannabis strain will knock your socks off with a healthy dose of THC (18%) and super impressive yield.

Take an island vacation from the comfort of your sitting room – order Island Sweet Skunk feminized marijuana seeds now!