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order marijuana seeds from canada

At Marijuana Seeds Canada, we offer the most affordable yet high quality seeds and CBD seeds Canada based since 2009. All of our strains are for sale with worldwide delivery and you can also qualify for free marijuana seeds if you place an order with our company. By buying from a Canadian online store and breeder you can be assured of the best service and guaranteed delivery of your cannabis seeds in only a few days.

You can buy cheap marijuana seeds from our wide selection of indoor, outdoor, feminized and medical marijuana seeds. Our seeds have extremely high germination rates and our cheap shipping makes our prices some of the lowest in the world. We also offer specials with cheap prices that are always changing as we continue to offer new exciting plants available for purchase each month.

Why do growers buy feminized marijuana seeds?

Feminized pot seeds are guaranteed to be female which is the sex of the plant that produces bud which contains the THC. We have Female strains that you can buy for indoor growing or outdoor growing. Female cannabis seeds are a bit more in price but they can save you time and money in the long run.

Their biggest issue is their shipping options, or lack thereof. Your only choices are standard shipping without tracking or $25 for the privilege of knowing where your seeds are at any time. It can take some time for your seeds to get to you, too — up to 25 days in some cases.

The owner of ILGM, Robert Bergman, has been growing marijuana seeds for over 25 years, and he brings that wealth of experience to this seed bank. Their offerings are equally balanced to cater to both experienced growers and novices, making ILGM accessible to smokers of any stripe.

They include bonus marijuana seeds with every order of 5 seeds or more, and unlike most other banks, Beaver Seeds actually lets you pick your bonus seeds. It’s a great way to try out new strains on the cheap.

They’ve actually been around since 2007, but they underwent a complete rebranding in the fall of 2020. That means brand new seeds, brand new genes, and brand new packaging.

They offer some of the finest strains you’ll find anywhere, and they’re all known for their trustworthy business practices.

Is it legal to buy Cannabis seeds in Canada? Are there specific laws around seeds?

A: Seed banks are definitely legit—you just need to know which ones to use and be aware of scams. All of the online seed banks we recommend in this article are legit.

It ’ s fast and easy to order cannabis seeds online from Quebec Cannabis Seeds. The site is user-friendly and well-organized, and you can search by seed type (feminized, auto-flowering, regular), strain type (indica, sativa, hybrid), and cannabinoid levels.

Best Cannabis Seeds Banks to Buy From Online: What Should You Look For?

Although their selection is not what we would call extensive, Sonoma seeds offers a range of indica, sativa, and hybrid seeds. Their strains range from harder to cultivate and rarer to many beginner-friendly strains that are ideal for first-time growers. You will also find high THC and high CBD seeds.

ILGM has now blossomed into a cannabis knowledge center for sharing growing information—both a source of expert knowledge and a beginner-friendly seed bank.

Last but not least on our list of best Canadian seed banks is Sonoma Seeds. Sonoma Seeds is based on the West Coast and guarantees truly high-quality products.

Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are the most popular payment option for buying cannabis seeds. Some seed banks even offer a bitcoin discount.