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orange velvet x cinderella99 marijuana seeds

Purple Glue is an Indica dominant strain that features an available THC range of 25-28% and provides the user with a relaxed and uplifted feeling. With a flowering time of 8-9 weeks and a medium to high yield, Purple Glue grows well in limited space if needed. A heavy strain that offers sweet Kush-like scent, and a fruity, tropical and earthy taste with use.

A unique combo pack of feminized cannabis seeds for simple growth; this set includes 5 King Kush, 5 Green Crack and 5 Big Bud for a variety of indica/sativa hybrid plants any grower will truly appreciate. Producing an incredibly high yield, a medium plant height and a high THC potency each; no matter which strain is grown the results will be highly prized buds of remarkably strong cannabis.

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Nuken is a mostly indica strain created from a cross between the Shishkaberry and God Bud varieties. Blooming with round and dense this lovely sage-colored plant is covered in a blanket of resin from top to bottom. Features a sweet, woody and earthy flavor and aroma and a happy, relaxing overall f

A must have strain for all growers. The buzz is powerful and energetic. Easy to grow and produces high resinous sticky buds.

Purple Kush high is very strong with a sweet aroma. Dense buds with shades of purple hues. Excellent medical strain and high level THC.

It also promotes mental clarity and creativity. Feeling upbeat, engaging in tasks become a much more fun experience. Moreover, this cultivar also helps by enhancing the sense of focus.

For indoor cultivation, some homeowners may have to ensure that there is enough vertical space for this medium-size plant. Otherwise, topping it after three weeks of vegetation helps control the height. Moreover, it also promotes the growth of more budding sites.

Orange Velvet x Cinderella 99 has an invigorating scent that instantly awakens the mind. However, this effect leans more to the gentle side rather than an intense surge. The euphoric buzz continues to work its magic, mood swings to the positive leaving one feeling happy.

Fragrance and Flavor

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One effect of Orange Velvet x Cinderella 99 is the munchies. As it reaches peak intensity, the urge to eat becomes stronger.

For its orange-flavored terpene profile, it had to be sourced from a discontinued and fairly elusive Orange Velvet – a cultivar high in limonene. Moreover, the terpene itself is full of benefits. Cinderella 99, on the other hand, maintains its prominence among users and growers for its easy-to-grow buds which boast impressive THC levels.

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