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» « r o w e c a n w o rk J to g e th e r .” ; h( ’’ W a s s m u th , w h o s e h o m o w a s th o ^ t a r g e t o f a lM m b a t t aQck b y w h ito su* ck e p r e m a c ia ts l a s t y e a r , s a id th i s w ee k so S u n d a y , N o v ‘e lm b e r 1 , 1 9 8 7 ^ e n d ‘s i b e e ti n g is a n a tttte m p t to s p e ll T o u t spe cific d i r e c t i o n s f o r th.o a n ti* h . r a c i s m . c o a lit io n . T bie g a th e r in g 0 P .M . d r e w 180 p o o p le t o i t s o p e n in g s e s – f j ^ s io n ^ V id a y i n t h iis i e s o r t to w n , s r a th ^ a b o u t lO .m il e a f r o m t l o h e a d q u a r F i n e A r t s Al u d i t o r i u m f a tio to r s o f th e A r y a n N a tic n s s u p r e m a c is t g ro u p . — ————-T h o -c o a litio n w a ss–ff(o r m o d – i n – r ^ – • tu r in g “

Presser,— the-— union’s — c u rre n t- A ——–tainebleau’Hilton-Hotel I will do everything I ca to bind u p president, is scheduled to go on trial t, i [ can the s c a tte r^ Ieav al _ Candelario, who worked for one wh a niche in the m arket th at nobody’ thi iuction ” e with history of our mink, It gcte o’f tho miyor aucti houses before WKVBURN – I t ’s a long way had filled,” sho explains^ “We de-* w M iticed h’Svrwayoftiealing-with— p erly b y le n g t h o f h a i r , la b® sa y B “t h e f a r m e r w ^ p r o u d o f o n e o f o n ly fo u r i h t h e U i u t e d ^ lit io TTiere.werc.. roua institiiti n a l q u e s tio n -> u n io n aabo u t i t fifom h i a m m e b e r s . o A F L – C I O ’s 8 9 u n io n s . T l oumOM . clarity, color an« c u t, in o r d e r t o g e t | “ r el O n e lo n g ti m e a d v i s e r to and ( nage.”MeEn- solidarity. T h a t ‘s m o s t i m p o r t a n t i n Tl s o m e c o n c e r n s a b o u t im a g s th u th qualit;ty p r o d u c t B e c a u s e “ ia a k in , a n d y o u g o t t h e be•slt w h e n S t a tM . lU ;v ln ’ssp et a k in g o n t h e c o n d itio n‘ t at he p hlB’ t e e a d d e d , b u t ‘s a i d

oTirst dovraat COLUNIE niilg plays produced’aTi slro jlraight time. P urdue foil to 1-5-1 ;e’s 2-5 Kentucky’s defen ‘fense stopped ono back Corlos Snow scored ki’ckoff on Rodney Pecte’i 9-yard finger, fell to 2-5. ki ien the 43. Morris was then stopped for man tatlboi 2nd 1-3. Georgia threat a t th e Wildcat 7 two implete passes four louch 55 yards-to-Travis-Watkins. i om 5^yard touchdown’run fron a-T^sh=—- ^The-Tigera ro! m;^thc..-24:6–in Big E ig h t—Conferenco———Eig 1959). dropped once in its history. (195 ind Gradel the final 15:58 on drives of 84. 47. seco quarter as Iowa built a 21-7 58 lecond t t bone formation a t 11:32 ani ■7138 bi to 4*3 and 2-2. II lalflimc lead and 46 yards lo roig lids. kickcd a 32-yard field goal with two 80 nnd 81 yaidi Clemson drove lo half who entered the ^C Xhe Sooners, wl Morris rushed for U ss M is s i s s i p p i S t . l 7 to le !31ark seconds left in th e half lo make il the N.C. Stole 44 with 1:18 to go, Clai on a quick pass over th fn over th e Oregon Ducks.. . ..bach and scoring on a.2-ya run on – John-W alkerti tu m b ack th c U p set-‘ -‘O 49-6 halflimo lead andw t yard a n’s rlo wont on ioved-41′ y a rd s. ot Oregon’s G-yard line. Johnsoa-hit. h _______ Oregon’s-offense mov( conscculive possessions ir tho first m inded Boavei in vers. l *•, The defendi iding Pac-10 champion e: ^jor-colextending the Lions’ m^ji m cume on the nexrplay. q 1 ondfl and gambled on a third-doWn touchdow’n’ The sophomore, who wi shoken Sun Devils slic the Beovcr lead lo wos iliced U Icge-rccord loaing streak to 37 c 1 s jmpting a field Oregon scored its pointa ‘in the pass, ra th e r th an attemj ond.quarter -21-19 – ^ t h – 2:02 left in the third 2:’ •games. g r- minutfls of the-first h a lf up and fumbled on a sccon t nds ‘ goal, with seven sccondf left. Quar- final four-r hit, scored on o 1-yord n ^ in the q»^art^_ wher Wilhelm, in the r ion Columbia, which is winlt nlcss in a rd iX? __ l_ .tcrb a ck Bill Musgrave aimed for on a 30-yan Dennis field d a h id kSUs it iUiHast 40 games, inclilHin D t ing’two jnd 7-yar”d TDpass from Miisgrdve toI tiilrd’quortcFIHafeapped’ a 74-yard clutches df.ASl Trace Annatrong, Terry Obee in the end zone, and ars 3r ( ti in tics, since 1983, misfired on an atirgain. Tho Ducks capital- drive and gave the Cougar the lead was called for a sofoty for intentiond lall time ran out! as the ball was batted Tony Hargi ’ for good at 28-21. ally grounding the bolt in the end ing tempted onside kick lo stoirt the U ta down by a Stanford defei efender. ized on a 22-yard punt re tu rn by f a ; Rosenbach, picked ofT ft ‘ four times zone. gome, setting up Dan Sc Scocca’s , i railed 10-0 at Obce and aa 15-yard interception re8 Stanford, which trail 8 posifing in . A fler the Be and held to ju s t 73 yards p Beavers’ free kick. ASU o one-yard scoring ru n . ’om 0 and halflime, got a safety■a r field goal timi by Ton Talbot. ,te • Given, who went 8-for-8 fot 107 da I ft rd’a 0 and Stanford’ Rob Englehordt-TainI a loss to Arizona Stote 0 week w e nt54yordsiin 12 plays for the goin tho third period am drove 68 f 31 > ‘ y yards, then ran I I yards for a Is e i-period touch- tockled Obcc. who was ru n n in g earlier, completed J25 of i posses ahead score,, with Williams doing Oh yards for tho fourth*pc 3! lamage. si scorc and threw a ninc-yai TD ’ord • g( v down which gave the team its third along the goal line on a punt re tu rn , with no interceptions for’324 yards, m ost of the dar tet i-junior-who-TT!placod—– p ——- ^ ^ ——– W a lk c rra -j -pass-to-frcahrann-Miko-Ga Alan—y rizona 3 0 Jaorrint— JnaiTJohnflOlf; for th’e—Cat‘dlttal

ByLORAA ^ ‘ a s i m T H ‘ . •News w riter’-.. T xm n i’lit 1 5 ^ ^ . ” ‘■ . • , themselves because of ■ r many wom en to assert the: ‘is for r ly i: iral cultura p attern s learned early in life abtiut “being .“ c e llittle girlfl.” it ca^’rioncc iii’sales, it Giiemple,’ who has h a d ‘ a ogement. and secretarial positions and bolds a poe monog b y a n uituToaonable boss? nr Sfinncsota, olso ofl’ered I. from tb e University of M in inbearable by a non- Ph.D. I I your’ofHce’work made unbi . Or lay. ht foc information.which go ove Us heod or leave, d going to shore som e good i: •’ you’re gc :^,0 0 0 sorious ethical.Aoiccs – ——tieaejast-optiona can-poseI SOI Blp-me.iittjaJfeetterio b fK GuTO ple-saidr”H ell—– ^Thci h ii ‘ “ Will’help ishoncsty in ^ business i’em vhose . s ta rt picl licking on someone else who response (such if the’ ployoela. aware of disho 40,500 1 0 / 2 5 he i cb satisfaction.’’ which affects public safety, the speaker eaid, dting oscringii uttle explosion o f thc space shuttl C h a l l ^ e r which’: ies lie Whilo problems w ith bosses drew th e moat the cx 23,000 1 0 / 1 8 ^ fi launched despite warnings fixim engineers.’ dealt with inter-per- . waslo ion, a t^ i^ tio r tho presentation alsoI dc ag re and bow difOcult it • S oe BOSS o n P ai e C 2 relations among co-w.orkera t ‘ • from’daily criticism . T ^ N F A lL S – Do’yoii sufler fr( l S L ifiib i * Wi |B Q s n . : F q U t ‘ ctober: C TIm flw T inFalls, Idaho- Sunday, O «f 25.1987 -2 os-N a. w Jls, T T an W iite ; ‘G o o (c I l V U lifein a neu tow\n I R yi in VipS victim ii as friend Stude lents take Al hilia. .. Ryan s a i i “They ju s t didn’t Ryi -hisfaem opl^ m an] He lived in Kokomo then. For the anything to do with me a t aU. ‘ears, next 2Vt yea: he bad almost no og He jetreated into watchmg televile i frienda. He felt unwelcome in milFtory ‘ es. sioi many places. He was barred from aion and plasring w ith ffl \ toy avdmming ,_in some tuwa pools; toys. He badly wanted « ..ii stered a restaurant, peo- Kokomo. Kol when he ente d i u t Cruelest of all, o pie walked Middle School banned ‘ ‘ His wish was m et last Ma] ! Western Mii 1 and his orridors and classrooms, h is mother moved w ith him t his him from con her, sisi Hia mothet Jeanne White, won sister, 13-year-old Andn uth. ‘ Cic a court brder force the school to Cicero, 26 miles-to th e sout She ___ advance in cod accept Ryan,,’b u t she cc^dn’t re* combined a loon w ith an ai ng &om a company developing a T V &t3i a down movie about Ryan to put ByGEORGEESPER om paym ent on a three-bedroon Cape S ^ The Associated Press tdsanda Cod house bordered by woodi lake. : CICERO. I n d .- C laQSamatea buy sa ke tfe a tlll cola and chips, b ^ c him choco’ ien Sitting a t the Jdtcher bay • tat me lh K okom o, In d .. 1 )ol, Tony Cook, hi& prifidpal said in g |. • Ai d s . Now 15 aad livint in a new dI nW banred from V estern M iddle School b e c a u s e of h is Illn e s^s e r being e R y w is doing well in the ninth* ai tbwn, Ryan says these are the best IS s grade, taking business .d a ta studer body president gra lent daya ofhis life. iiiwnn has a chronic cough. tewart, a 17-year-old “I think we oil have’the hun t lish One is Jill Ste^ processing, algebra, Englis and pro • “Everything’s going pretty good.” ’ pp Kat a he’s ^ d trouble stay Most recently ^ : president of the stu – comPi Igh. biology. fmHofl Ht m ■etty he aaid. T m feeling prett healthy, m ove’the hos lostility and bitterness, bio sttid. keeping food down. in g worm and imat^ » ____ __ B tay d_8ometime8_drive8_huma like a hum an, !vcst-was_dent_body_;Ond_i ——- Pve-got-a-nice-houM ^i ^nd-a-good-w hon-R ynn-B a-walked -down -thfr-hall— ware mostly Ba, and-theJowc ?hen pl iwn. ____ __ 1. Ryan to sdiool. She said the 650 * ^ 0 he came, no one was plan- thinks*AZT, an expa • His motner oC is family.” some kids threw themselves o C . Jvety- increases his appetit ng i xpcrimehtal drug, unilton Heights pre- ning on treating him badly. Evi students ot Ham : Positive words from a h o y who againat their lockers in exagger* n t eir down too much, upsetting 1 and ho eats le v jctite » n’s “Arcadia b so m uch niceir than pored for Ryan’s arrival-with spo- one was a little afraid deep dc nally has known he is tennina] ill smce ated escape. “Watch out! Watch ^ ‘ te. ;ng his , side, Parted Mrs. White contim stomach. . \ AIDS that helped insidi but then we really staa Western,” Ryan said. “I didn’ havo d al dasses on J In’t I di December 1984, when doctors-told out!” they’d to anted theinventoiydivisioi inking about it. We ju s t war re, any friends a t all. O ut here, I ju st them better unders.tand th e think itinuea to work in VIDS him he had acquired AlC through tronics Corp. in isionofDelcoElecKol benormol.” im . . have disease. uaed to trea t “I jm t tu ir ed the other cheek,” h a\ hundreds.”. _ . . . a blood-clotting agent ua in $12.70 an hour. Kokomo, earning Th( “A lot of us ju s t feel for him . Vg._ Foundation in Koko Ryon White The r heorts because of what 1 our h joker medical expensesCokomo helps pay not • 7 cn through,” said Wendy Boi been j._ .l surance and for Ryi not a16-yeor-old junior. “We di h penses when his Imot covered by in1& Ryan’s living exmt him to hove to go throi want ,g off work to care for h] mother thust take ; at thatagoin ond ‘w e’re trying ; Despite th e Dr him. s ake it make easier on him.” sadness, Mrs. White setbacks and ; The invitations to dances ond not fe^l sorry for h ite and Ryan do s thei imea are all new to Ryan, ‘ h o ofw hat might hove b .w themselves or talk r n nds to shrug ^e’ /red tching vision oppearanccf network telo* lost of the time. I like watcl k for benefits. The ^ a lls 0 nnd AIDS V 0 lot. That’s about all I do.” nces lined with Ils ofhis house are pho loesn’t celebrities who appc Mrs. White said Ryan doe photographs of ‘ now how to act in sodal gath- including Elizabeth c o r^ with him. g pp rings bccouse they’ve been so ton John, en cA Toylor ond El* i act ire. “He’s been out of contac of )W,_of____ R y an Jfip n t^ JJi^ K»Qng-up-fjom -1 3- to-now age yeek ling around kids his own a – in Los Angeles as c in September ______ __ nor ic said. ■“Because of hia letes For Kids, a as a guest of AtE^ :ive non-profit foimdacmophilia, he’a not been activ in tion for ill childn ontact helped mark establi ildren, where he )orts. He’s ju st been out of con Ryan White Nationj tablishment of the ith life.” ■ vide financial aid tc Fund to proional Ryan has been sick for muc of AIDS. A highlight to childreii with ud» d ol variety visit to Disneyland,of the trip was a hc laat three years with a vo: tit ; ocystis f illnesses induding pneumoc; nd. “I think th at’a m arinii pneumonia, colds andI respir In atory ond liver problems. In his Ryan,” said Mrs. made it fun for s V, ! he’s had a lot of ast year in Kokomo, be was >. White. “It’s sad you’re going to of opportunities. utorcd at home for all but about a )t hi i e hrcc months bccausc of the liver illness. I mean0 no have a terminal J . ;■■■ . period. But we’ve nobody wants it, roblems. 1 go ‘ things. We’ve hod got to do a lot of ai e ; • e Ryan, whose frail frame has We’ve been to Italy, real happy life. da ; • . in to ever • earned more than 76 We’ve really gotaly,( on Italian TV. School In Arcadia. Ind. ds ounds, now weighs 72 pounds and as a family.” an 15, ln to do an awf\il lot

NobelPr ^ —–Ehren: chael. . ———— enly hair, says Micha an pplicant Eric, who writes on now Tho m ethods, now are used ot ono appi ore information on these larDallas. Los An- essay about the effects of his parab ..salons in Atlanta;; D :all 733-9554, e x t 364 or ays livorce. Eric describes Fridays i, as geles and Miami, i well as in ents’divi a transition day. the day th a t •land a n d – West as a “tra .. .Aufltrio, Switzerian sw week’s worth of subsistence m ateri. •Germany. me ive look, One need only look a t tho beauti- als haveto be transported from one t’s sen parent’sabode to the other’s.” ful hair ofthe womer on tho staff to ads An admissions oflicer who reads ad , , see th at tho Michael system is i^; right. p; doing something rigl ‘Their thick. Eric’s passogo about^‘‘Bubsiatcnce ———-^—————-•ials” h! •s to ‘■ shiny hair reaches t their waists, material reacts this way: U ggh! I mean toothpaste, 3t©,._ u |^ 7 8 K y 5 ] | | > 9 Doeshe ______ t heir hips or beyond. nd. •wear, a week’s supply of This s ta ff doesn’t s c h o o l d ii s t r i c t s w ill r e c e iv e t h e: proceeds from the d pr Falls Bank St. Trust’s Lcndi A.S p a r t o f T w i n F:i r • BOCksr order. ong the best sections of EhrenA A m c r i c a ra n R e c y c l i n g c e n t e r s f o r r 3r necessary school p r o g r a m . A m c ric :an Recycling and ihc Bank ar > clientele and you Join this salon’s cli book, •’Write Your Way Into c q u ip m e n t a n d s tu d e n t p r o je c ts . I:r, for some icason, a ; f, H upport with their new rccycl w o u ld lik e y o u r .suf icn: . ; accept the, regimen: a bob cut to . >o” (Barron’s) are iU descrip’■ I s tu d e n t d c c s n o t c o m e b y y o u r h o m e o r business, just o contributions, benefit nin c c t . C o m m u n i t y’ ( ome no Inycni; no .’start grow-outs; r of predictable, cliched essoys iding Hand \ d ,p Twin Falls and Jcrx)me cot C A lv \ d ro j) y o u r n e w s p a p e n j , a lu m in u m cans o r glass off at sc h o o l^ d istricL s inI 1 bangs; no rpetol clip .; brush ejciy n ci lUght to bc avoided: nk & Trust r ry 9 ^ ^ X th e n e a r e s t A m e r ic a n R e c y c lin g c;enter. Another altcrc night; wash every 10 days; deep ent [Tie ■;jock” essay th at tolls how o is A li y o u h a v e t o d o I .s;ive your new spapers.; ycling proj- m year; trim every ^ wndition twice a. ye 0 nJitive is■i o u s e th e b lu e ( a lu m in uim) o r yellow (news;udent _ has learned self>t m) n u m c a n s a n d g laISS bottles bccausc a sludeni ss Id V’ two months. And c a t tho right nine m ajor iline. courage and sportsp a p i r ) K iw a n i s b in s lo c a tc d throtjghout the val-‘ e i th by y o u r lo c a l .sc h o o l district may bc dropping :ounties. di foods. . I hip manshij: on tho field, /. I n d o i n g s o , K iw a n i s w ill turn your recyclcd ill ti __________________________ __ rhe -t bos a ———– —” O th er-salo n B–as k —what—you———The travel oBsoy-thatdoscribcs ——- v c r y – n c a r – f u t u r cao -p ic ic .up -any-goods-yc s. _ ———:————————-goo how they , overcame the I osked another hairdj Twin Fmn. O fllCCT 9t-lcngtb hair. Mi- trauma, style for hor waiet-li latiough Ehrenh^ft’s advice is was Althoi nutes later, she wai in short hair mown 733-1722 «Pcnine73444986 , . 1, underlying m euago is . ______ useful,J _______ —andteare. . S538 I d d l l O 1! nwopd Shopping Center 733-65: Jm ie— disturbingr^CoU eges fault other hairPhMOfflmlfl Michael doesn’t• fa to know what sort df person ing. . – dressers for cutting. Afler aU, he x:rly 423-5522 » Buhl 543-1 arc — your mooda. your our •V R l X X h^ ^ – • aa y s.T h ey ’rfftnrinei – t o w o r k w f t h – g ™is, your relaUon8hi^8”with -ith—————–. hair up to 6 inches loi ain ^xSI^S] Is — he tells readers again lel, ) o ‘ tgoin. Tbere is more thon a B ut with Michael, tho floors the • amj agQ •here—that—p«r*onaiiQr_out———–^ :— -h in t-h e Stallings-W Wood A ustin-N fe obk \sek-Jaeger Kalisi J l JEROME Mahal iffey-Knight « Senior r\ menu— 1 offers jrt-term 3 sses ,” Fund nem orial fu ; M artina n mnseling tgnancy cou ‘ tp aid pre is too great to litter! .i ‘• • i ‘ .