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oldest marijuana seed bank

Also on offer are seeds for warm and cool climates, outdoor and indoor growing, high CBD, high yielding, high THC concentration, and more. Included in the top strains on offer are Blueberry Autoflower, Bergman’s Gold Leaf, Gorilla Glue, Girl Scout Cookies Extreme, and White Widow.



However, in most cases, the seeds won’t be detected. To guarantee this, most seed bank companies offer stealth shipping for customers worried about interception. It’s a discreet way of shipping orders where seeds are placed inside some ordinary objects like DVD cases before shipping; hence the package doesn’t raise suspicion.

Even though the company is Canadian, they accept payments in USD, so there is no need to worry about conversions.

This Amsterdam seed bank has a rich and interesting history behind it, which shouldn’t be surprising, considering the fact that they are the oldest as well as the largest seed bank on the market in 2021. A lot has happened in the several decades they’ve been in business, and it’s likely that a lot more will happen after 2021, as well. A few years ago, Sensi Seeds celebrated its 30-year anniversary – a level of longevity that is simply unheard-of in the relatively young cannabis industry.

Sensi Seeds is a household name within the marijuana industry and for cannabis enthusiasts everywhere. Based out of Amsterdam (the mecca of good weed), Sensi is basically a 420 celebrity. They have won countless Cannabis Cups and are well-known and respected everywhere cannabis is cultivated. Their seeds can be a bit on the pricier side, but it’s well worth it because they are renowned for having the best, most high-quality cannabis seeds anywhere.

The seed selection at Sensi Seeds is phenomenal. It’s no surprise why, given how focused the founder was on exploring new strains and crossbreeding combinations. They offer regular seeds, feminized seeds, and autoflowering seeds, and are on the cutting-edge of medical marijuana strains, constantly researching new ones to add to their collection. Their website allows you to filter your search results by seed type, price range, expected yield, climate zone, height, and flowering time. You can even search by indica/sativa blend, with options like pure sativa, pure indica, mostly sativa, and mostly indica.

Sensi Seeds History

The brand behind Sensi’s seeds is very well-established in the cannabis world. It’s likely the first brand name that new growers will hear tossed around. The company was founded in 1985 and has worked ever since to build a reputation for breeding their own strains to perfection and never settling for less. Their website has been translated into nine different languages (so far) just to be able to keep up with the international demand.

This level of search customization is very helpful considering their large variety of strains. Without it, customers would be stuck looking through page upon page of listings – a good problem to have, but still time-consuming. Robust search tools allow you to narrow down the results to exactly what you’re looking for. However, if you’re not looking for anything in particular, you could easily spend half a day just browsing through all the descriptions.

The Sensi seed bank is simply legendary. Everyone who’s anyone in the cannabis industry recognizes the Sensi Seeds seed bank as the cream of the crop. Rarely is there such unqualified consensus among professionals, but once you try Sensi’s seeds, you’ll see how easy it is for them to agree on the matter. The only real flaw in Sensi Seeds is their not offering international shipping. If they could fix that single issue, they would easily become the seed bank of every grower’s dreams. Truth be told, it’s not completely their fault that they can’t offer worldwide shipping. They are interested in adding it once legislation in certain places changes, but until that happens, they prefer not to take any legal risks.

They grow all of their own strains and sell them through their online shop – but only to customers within the EU. This is due to laws in countries that have been slow to legalize, and it means that non-EU customers often have to look for resellers in order to purchase Sensi-brand seeds. Buying from resellers can be risky in terms of quality and freshness of product, however, which is why there is a list of seed shop recommendations for non-EU customers at the end of this page.