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old school marijuana seeds for sale

As cannabis is dioecious, male and female reproductive organs are found on different plants. Female plants tend to thrive outside the presence of male plants, and when growers create these conditions, they’re more likely to grow the potent, seed-free buds we want.

If you’re growing your first crop, you may wonder if it’s legal to cultivate cannabis. The plant has a dubious reputation in some circles, which has led many places to ban its possession, sale, cultivation, and consumption. Don’t risk your reputation by buying seeds from a street seller! Take advantage of our fast shipping and these other advantages.


Northern Lights #10 Fem

Though we make it easy to find the best classic 420 seeds online, we do not recommend purchasing them if you’re in an area where it’s against the law to purchase or possess cannabis seeds. While they’re sold as souvenirs in many places, in others, they are considered cannabis products just as concentrates, edibles, and flowers are. We recommend checking your state’s laws before making a seed purchase on

The embryonic plants within cannabis seeds are protected by a hard shell. These seeds start growing after germination, which occurs when the taproot emerges from the hard shell. Today’s cannabis seeds are available in multiple forms: regular, autoflowering, and feminized. Many growers prefer our feminized seeds because they’re guaranteed to grow into female plants that produce the dank, sticky buds we’re all after.

Mild THC levels offer a lighter high for daytime use, although you will still notice the effects both mentally and physically.


Old Skool has a delightful aroma that leaves hints of citrus and pine floating in the air. Also, there are sweet berry aromas that give this plant another dimension of heavenly smells

This plant grows in true Sativa fashion but doesn’t reach monstrous heights as some other Sativa’s do. As the plants move through the life cycle and reach full maturity, its color changes from a mild to darker green. And the buds grow big and frosty.

When smoking Old Skool the effects are happy and cerebral. Many who smoke this strain report feeling elated, euphoric and almost always get a case of the giggles. And this level of laughter can last all throughout the high. Because of its moderate THC levels, the cerebral aspect of the stone is not trippy, but more mild and functional. Medical users suffering from depression and fatigue love the effects of this cannabis strain.

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Old Skool seeds grow well in an outdoor environment because they have room to stretch and have a built-in resistance to pests and disease. Although some sativa strains can be difficult to cultivate for first-time growers, this strain is fairly easy. So both novice and veteran growers love this feature. At full maturity, the plant can reach heights of 180 to 220 cm and come due for harvest in early to mid-October, finishing a bit faster than other Sativa’s. Given the tall stature and generous bud production, expect to yield anywhere from 400 to 500 grams per M2.

Old Skool seeds pay homage to an early generation of casual, fun, recreational cannabis smokers. A time when the potency was mellow and calm, allowing them to easily smoke a joint or two in one afternoon. The breeders at MSNL created this plant by crossing a tasty Hawaiian Sativa and a selected Colombian Gold. Given these genetics, the Old Skool strain learns towards a Sativa-dominance.

This is one of our most unique strains because it brings in many wonderful elements. Old Skool seeds turn into an easy to grow plant with a mild to moderate potency, so the effects bring out undeniable happiness without the racing thoughts of super potent Sativas. Also, the refreshing citrus and pine aromas and flavors take you back to nature and supply a sweet finish, like icing on the cake.