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Hausheer, who helped form a statewide group called “Keep the Medical in Medical Marijuana,” says she is troubled by how quickly and widely medical marijuana has been made available in the state, including across rural Oklahoma.

As South Dakota moves forward on creating a regulatory system for medical marijuana by the end of 2021, some people have looked to Oklahoma for guidance on how — or how not to — develop a functioning framework.

North Dakota has eight dispensaries and about 5,000 certified patients in its medical marijuana program, and Minnesota has 13 dispensaries and about 45,000 patients. Both states have certified less than 1% of their populations to obtain medical marijuana; Montana has 355 dispensaries and about 42,000 certified patients, a patient rate of about 4% of its overall population.

he said the medical community successfully lobbied for a 60-day license that allows for temporary medical marijuana use; initially all licenses held by patients were valid for two years.

“The sales and licensing and distribution are not controlled by just a few big companies; instead they provide entrepreneurs a chance to participate in this industry,” said Derby, R-Rapid City. However, Derby added that South Dakota should not use too much of Oklahoma’s medical marijuana program as a model for its own.

Hausheer said she had concerns about several negative health aspects of overprescribing of medical marijuana, including the propensity for motorists to drive while high; the potential for harm to unborn children of marijuana users; and a lack of safety regulations on the production, packaging and sale of marijuana products.

South Dakota state Rep. Mike Derby, a leader of the legislative Cannabis Caucus, said he appreciates that Oklahoma has provided a level of “social equity” to its program by creating business opportunities for entrepreneurs and small-business owners across the state.

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