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og kush x mazar marijuana seeds

OG Kush x Mazar has an uplifting impact and sharp flavors of authentic Kush and Afghani landrace. It is an ideal weed for daytime use or after a restless day at work. The earthy and citrus taste and diesel and chemical aroma of OG Kush x Mazar are insanely irresistible that circle around your mouth, leaving you watering.

This medical marijuana strain, because of its Afghani heritage, has a compelling healing property that uplifts the mood and increases happiness that will significantly serve those who have clinical anxiety, depression, and chronic stress. Furthermore, OG Kush x Mazar will not disappoint patients who have insomnia as it sends out pleasant drowsiness.

What are the Flavor and Effects of OG Kush x Mazar?

Take OG Kush x Mazar in slow paces and low doses to avoid dizziness and paranoia.

OG Kush x Mazar came from Homegrown Cannabis. It is the result of crossing a particular OG Kush plant and the infamous, flavorful Mazar. OG Kush x Mazar boasts of its distinctive light green appearance due to the super-abundant resin production throughout the buds, with green to yellow undertones.

OG Kush x Mazar responds well to low-stress training. It has a robust structure quality taken from its Afghan heritage that loves warmth and sunshine.

Next, this strain will soothe and calm your body once the Indica side takes over. Your muscles and joints will feel light and tension-free, resulting in a feeling of lethargy. As you are immersed in this intense relaxation, you will eventually find yourself nodding off. This makes the ideal time to enjoy this strain after work or paired with your afternoon tea.

Being mostly Indica, OG Kush x Mazar Fem has growing characteristics that make it ideal even for novice growers. Each of these baby seeds can grow up to be a compact plant with forest-green ripples of leaves and dense, gluey buds coated in resin that is perfect if you have limited growing space. These buds emit a powerful, dank aroma that may require the use of an odor-control system so that they don’t announce their presence to everyone in the neighborhood.

This strain can thrive indoors or outdoors; however, some growers recommend that this plant be cultivated in a controlled growing environment like a greenhouse. Although it grows well in any growing medium, using an organic soil mix helps boost terpene production, which is beneficial for the plant and the user alike.


Another option would be to use hydroponics. Instead of soil, water is used to deliver the nutrients straight to the roots, giving the grower better control over the whole system. Investing in the equipment for this technique may be costly at first, but you will get to enjoy the advantages in the long run.

Although it is an Indica-dom, OG Kush x Mazar’s effects are actually evenly distributed between Indica and Sativa, offering relief from various illnesses – both physical and psychological – with minimal side effects. Users will experience a cerebral stimulation first, which could help ease stress, anxiety, and depression. The uplifting quality of this weed can replace a melancholic mood with a happy disposition.

With any cannabis strain, there is always a risk of side effects, and OG Kush x Mazar is no different. Dry eyes and cotton mouth are common, but can be remedied by drinking plenty of water and using artificial tears.

While the brain is undergoing a transformation to a worry-free state, the body will also find a reprieve. This herb’s potent anti-inflammatory properties could mitigate pain, tension, and tenderness caused by arthritis, migraines, and fibromyalgia. And like many marijuana strains, it can induce hunger pangs. For cancer patients battling chemotherapy-related nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite, it can be a welcoming respite.

Mazar x Blueberry OG is a potent indica-dominant hybrid strain that may just take you to a galaxy far, far away. No Sith genetics here—this plant is a cross between Mazar x Bluebery and OG Kush and has the strong aroma characteristic to kush strains that includes a spicy herbal scent tinged with jet fuel. This strain makes relaxation your only mission, and some users report strong body effects that include mild tingling and numbness. If pain and physical limitations are the issue, Mazar x Bluebery OG is here to rescue you. The galaxy also holds a sativa dominant variety of Mazar x Blueberry that is also often referred to as Mazar x Blueberry OG or Sativa OG.