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og kush x diesel marijuana seeds

Kush Cannabis Seeds has listed height for this strain as Medium (100 – 150cm) and the correct environment is listed by the breeder as Indoor/Outdoor/Greenhouse Environments.

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Map of the Diesel Kush Family Tree

Type: Indica/Sativa Variable
Genetics: Diesel X OG Kush
Height: Medium – 100 – 150cm
Flowering Time: 9-11 weeks
Flowering Period: October
Yield: High > 450g
Medicinal Level:Low

Expect frosty buds with three or four main colas indoors, which give an intense euphoric feeling.

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With all these effects, some users might find it overwhelming. Even old-timers recommend starting with a low dose, as overindulgence can lead to some serious discomforts.

OG Kush x Diesel creates a level of intense euphoria that can benefit people in the medical marijuana community. Its effects can be put to good use for battling mental disorders, such as anxiety, depression, and stress. It has a potent THC level of around 20%, which facilitates the release of serotonin to drive out negative thoughts, making one feel uplifted and motivated. This organic alternative treatment is believed by many to be better than synthetic drugs since it causes minimal side effects.

Excellent for an after-work or late afternoon sesh, OG Kush x Diesel is fast-acting, filling you with an immediate surge of euphoria. It energizes and motivates, but do not expect the liveliness to last long. In less than an hour, it will dissipate, and the sedating Indica side will take over. A soothing sensation will start from the head first and then slowly go down your spine until it reaches every muscle and joint.


If you are looking for another balanced hybrid, Girl Scout Cookies x Blue Head Band Fem is a great alternative. This strain contains a sky-high 24% THC, which is responsible for its euphoric and relaxing effects. The plant loves to grow in a warmer, Mediterranean-like climate, wherein each baby can produce a maximum yield of 400 grams (14 ounces) of usable weed.

This strain is more nutrient-hungry than most and cannot be left alone for long periods due to its feeding schedule. As the plant matures, the branches may require some support to bear the massive colas’ weight. Regular trimming and defoliating will help to make the growth more manageable. In short, a green thumb is required to raise this varietal.

Although OG Kush x Diesel Fem is considered a balanced hybrid, its growing characteristics are more Indica-like. These feminized seeds grow into small to medium-sized plants, perfect if you have a small gardening space. However, cultivating this strain at home needs some preparation in advance. It can be quite challenging, and so some prior experience would be useful.

If a relaxing mossy, earthy scent is what you are after, Black Hulk Fem is a good choice. It is also a balanced hybrid, but its THC level of 18% is not as intense as Sour OG’s. This cross between Black Afghani and Bruce Banner likes a nutrient-infused, organic soil mix. If grown outdoors, a warm and temperate climate will help it generate a yield of around 350 grams (12 ounces) per plant.

Averaging around 19% THC, OG Diesel Kush is not a cannabis strain for the faint of heart. This is the marijuana you enjoy when you are ready to kick your feet up and relax, as its indica genetics win the race for strongest effects. It may take about half an hour to kick in but once it does your body is tingling and your limbs are heavy – couch-bound you will be. Stock up snacks beforehand, you won’t want to budge from your spot, which is one of the reasons this strain has been popular among patients with insomnia. Depression, anxiety, and stress are all easier to cope with when treating symptoms with a strain like OG Diesel Kush.

OG Diesel Kush is pungent and potent – at 19% THC, the indica-dominant hybrid is the perfect strain for kicking up your feet and relaxing.

OG Diesel Kush is a fine example of a heavy hitting hybrid that even first-time consumers will enjoy, though it’s pungent skunk and diesel aroma may be slightly off-putting, even when it’s balanced by a sweet note of citrus fruit.


OG Diesel Kush marijuana plants grow up into medium height plants that require a little more and attention than some of our easier growing strains, so they are better suited to gardeners with intermediate experience cultivating cannabis. Regardless, you’ll be impressed by the sticky, forest green nugs that can be a bit of a pain to break up, but worth it. After nine or so weeks in the flowering stage, you’ll have a moderate crop of seriously sticky OG Diesel Kush icky for your medicinal or recreational enjoyment.