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ny diesel auto marijuana seeds

The dank spicy aromas of NYC meet the sensual notes which are unmistakable from our Diesel strain.

NYC DIESEL AUTO™ is the auto-flowering version of the legendary New York City Diesel, bred by Soma in the early 1980’s.

This Indica leaning strain provides strong cerebral effects that ease into a deep, full body relaxation over time.

NYC DIESEL AUTO™ grows up to 100cm, with side branches that produce tight delicious buds. This strain runs from start to finish in just 60-70 days.

The flavors are amazing, the kaleidoscope of color through flowering is captivating, the buzz is spectacular, and the positive effects can’t be denied. Buy Auto NY Diesel Fem strain seeds online today at i49 and get growing!

Awe-inspiring Afghani Kush is a favorite the world over for combatting depression, sleeplessness and pain. This nearly pure landrace indica has a bouquet of punky earth and tastes like hash soaked in unsweetened fruit-juice. It really is a complex and interesting relationship between the sour gas giant and the fruity Hawaiian punch that is thrown in the mix.


If our featured strain is out of stock, or if you simply want to try something similar, but different, alongside your Auto NY Diesel Fem plants, consider one of the following strains from the extensive i49 database.

Indoors, blasted with light, you’ll bag up to 190 grams per square metre in about 8 weeks and a little longer for outdoor grows with i49’s guaranteed cannabis seeds.

Either way you go, you’re going to want to put them in good, rich soil so as to preserve and ripen that incredible terpene profile.