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nukehead marijuana seeds

Recently made a couple orders, not big, just under 200.00 US.

I use their nutrients, strains looked interesting, just hoping I didn’t throw money away of course!

Anyway, instructed to do the buy again, and apply a code. That resulted in 0.00 owed, and screen shot saved of that receipt.

Not hearing anything, I messaged. I guess they found my payments, but somehow I didn’t press "order" which I found odd, since I had screen shot of the final page showing successful buy, or so I thought.

Messaged back twice, asking for verification, but haven’t heard back, but that email was only sent last night, so maybe nothing.

Have you seen once every other week, or based on coloration, interesting. It is pretty much the same thing for the veg stuff, so like I said I will be doing a grow serious with their seeds and just this nutrients. Because Nuke Heads does claim that their nutrients really does below them up and gets them some huge buds. So let’s see that is pretty much it in there so I’ve got my nutrients both veg and Bloom. I’ve got my sticker, and then she needs, so let’s open that up now.

All right I needed a little reminder of which strains I got, and I only got regular feminized seeds no autoflowers. So I’ve got some Skittles, got the Grape Ape up here, some Girl Scout cookies right here, this is the blueberry headband right here And then some pineapple chunk right there so a really good lineup. And again I’m probably going to try and grow all of these or at least one of each of these strains when I do the series with these nutrients so huge shout out again to Nuke Heads! And MMJ lab genetic. Huge shout out to them I’m very stoked on this and on the green box and packaging and I’m looking forward to starting this Grow Series.

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Pricing is more than fair on strains – plus they gave me equivalent amount ( quantity ) in freebies.
I purchased Alaskan ThunderFuck and paid less than $30 for ENTIRE cost ( shipping and all ).
They seem to be a much more reliable source than some of the scammy places are running into.
They answer questions and emails. They provide tracking.

All right folks, that concludes this review of the Nuke Heads Seed Bank, and if you enjoy the video please give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to comment below with your feedback. Also don’t forget to subscribe to the GreenBox Grown Channel and to turn on notifications for updates on my latest Grows. As always thank you guys for watching and until next time…

Now like I said in today’s video I will be unboxing the seeds as well as nutrients that I got from Nuke Heads. But I will be doing a Grow Series in the future where I will grow in their own tent just Nuke Heads seeds and just using the Nuke Head fertilizer. Obviously I’ll have them in soil and pots, but for the other products such as nutrients and seeds it will be all Nuke Heads!