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northern lights x skunk marijuana seeds

Even though it expresses its indica heritage more strongly, Northern Lights x Skunk offers a lovely relaxed, happy high, patients can seek out this strain to treat stress and depression, and to soothe nausea, even during the day.

Who doesn’t love a good combo? As if Northern Lights and Skunk marijuana seeds didn’t have enough going for them apart, now they’re together (it’s like Jay-Z and Beyonce all over again)! Relax, get happy, and de-stress yourself with this strain.

With a spicy, earthy aroma underscored by notes of pine that recall autumn days spent outdoors, Northern Lights x Skunk feminized marijuana seeds are some of the easiest to grow – their hearty genetics ideal for beginners. After between 55-65 days flowering, you can expect upwards of 700 grams of potent weed, if grown indoors.


Talk about worlds colliding – one can only expect fantastic things with a pairing of two powerhouse strains like Northern Lights and Skunk. Considered an outstanding hybrid favoring indica (65:35), here you have a breed that thrives well in colder climates, boasting thick leaves, huge buds.

Add the euphoric buzz of easy-to-grow Northern Lights x Skunk to your marijuana arsenal – order today!

NORTHERN LIGHTS x SKUNK#1 is an outstanding hybrid which has proven itself a cornerstone in the Cannabis world. This quick flowering variety is extremely potent, strong enough to knock out any experienced smoker.

Northern Lights x Skunk#1, two classic giants brought together in a F1 super hybrid! This champion amazes both professional and connoisseur time and time again! Northern Lights x Skunk #1 is a heavy yielder which makes it an interesting strain for the commercial grower.

Northern Lights x Skunk#1 is a particularly good strain to grow outdoors in the Northern hemisphere. She is a lush plant with huge buds. Because of it’s few big leaves the Northern Lights x Skunk#1 is easy to handle and cure.

Northern Lights x Skunk #1 Cannabis Seeds from Ceres Seeds

This Ceres Seeds variety is an excellent choice for beginner growers because of its stability and persistence under almost any condition. The harvested bud smells spicy and earthy, with a trail of pine. This is an excellent variety to smoke, it has a very deep, relaxing effect, and it is guaranteed to make you smile!

This mostly Indica hybrid is characterized by its long lasting and relaxing effect, thanks to its 17% THC content and a complex terpene profile, mostly inherited from Northern Lights genetics . In order to allow a more vigorous growth and larger yields without affecting the subtle and sweet flavour of this mother plant, it has been crossed with a Skunk plant, an Indica/Sativa hybrid stabilized since the 80’s and known for its pungent smell.

Northern Light x Skunk presents a compact structure and produces heavy and very resinous buds and, thanks to the Skunk influence, has good resistance to molds, being easy to grow by any kind of gardener.

Alchimia presents here the Northern Lights x Skunk feminized cannabis variety, created by World Of Seeds to offer a strain of high medicinal value and with strong hybrid vigor, which produces fast and large harvests, yielding up to 500gr/m2 in 55-60 days of flowering.

This marijuana strain is ready to be harvested at the beginning of October outdoors, and after 55-60 days of flowering indoors. Northern Light x Skunk’s yield is abundant, producing from 400 to 500 gr/m2 indoors, and up to 900 gr/plant when grown outdoors.

The smell and taste of this indica hybrid are sweet, with incense and musk hints, while its effect is deeply relaxing, recommended by World Of seeds for medicinal use of cannabis.